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This just in: New YouTube video!

I have a new YouTube video out!

It’s a little bit special because it’s a mashup of Grammy winner Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now and Taio Cruz’s chart-topper Dynamite. Well, we tried anyway 🙂

A country song and a dance tune combo? You betcha!

Click on the video below to hear it for yourself. Enjoy!

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How was your day?

There are days when you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You leave your bed with little motivation and enthusiasm to go about your day that although nothing bad happens, (your day) just lacks that umph.

Other days, you wake up the moment that alarm clock rings and you immediately hop off the bed, sing or dance in the shower and proceed to have a mini-adventure of your own later that day.

I think I just had one of those days where I felt alive and chatty.

I had all reasons to be grouchy because I had to wake up at 5am just to make sure that I finish my work before 7am and have it ready for the boss to go over at 10am.

Plus, I had to rush all the way to Bandar Baru Sg Buloh to meet a class or Fifth formers who published a book, which is now in its second print. I’ll blog more about that some other day.

And then, I had to take the komuter to go back to the office and finish another piece of writing to be submitted before my sub leaves the office and takes the day off tomorrow.

But today, I also have a lot to be thankful for.

I work up at 5am and managed to finish my work within two hours  —  just like how I had planned. Normally, I would set the alarm at 5am and would hit the alarm and go back to sleep.

Then, my husband was free to send me to Bdr Baru Sg Buloh, so I didn’t have to take the train because I was running late anyway. We got to the school without any problems because I could find the school in the GPS and it took us right to it, right on time.

I had a blast talking to the students and some of the teachers who treated me to lunch. And then, one teacher — who was on the way home — was very kind to give me a lift to the komuter station.

I had to wait for only 15 minutes for the train to arrive and had a good chat with a Sixth former who was going back to her boarding school in Seremban. Before I alighted the train at KL Sentral, she actually salam-cium my hand as a sign of respect because earlier I had told her I was older than she thought. She thought I was a college student. Haha! That made my day 🙂

I got back to the office just in time to write the piece and still managed to leave the office at 6pm.

And when I got home, my mom-in-law had cooked yummilicious nasi ayam and I had that for dinner.

My day couldn’t be any better, really!

So I wonder what kind of day is in store for me tomorrow? Whatever tomorrow lies for me, I’ll start the day with a prayer and a rock-out session with my Disney princesses Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.

I love my manufactured pop and rock songs 🙂

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I was nervous but the butterflies flew away

Oh looky… Sesame Street turns 40 this week!

That means the SS gang is not that much older than me. (For the record, I’m 31) Yikes! But I love SS. I learned English watching the show.

Anyway, I felt like blogging again today but I’m going to do it real quick because I do have a deadline to meet tomorrow.

Now I haven’t forgotten what I wrote in yesterday’s post. That I’d prefer to wake up early to meet a deadline than do work at night.

But I think I have to make an exception tonight.

I’ll just spend an hour on it tonight — promise! I really must do as much as I can because I have an appointment at 1130 hours in Bandar Baru Sungai Buloh. So I had better make sure the copy is ready by the time I reach the office. I really hate missing deadlines.

Which reminds me; I forgot to pass the cover photo to the graphic artist. I forgot to do it because it wasn’t on my Ta Da list — figures! But then again I didn’t see him today either. Oh well. I’ll just consult the boss and let her choose which one she likes.

Because this is a super quick story, we would have to settle with what we have. When we’re not so pressed for time, we normally go for illustrations. But we can’t be perfect all the time, now can we?

Initially, I was really nervous about completing this story because of its pretty rushed. But thanks to some extra information the organisers emailed me today, I’m much calmer now. I just need to focus. And for an added boost, I’ll need some kick-ass soundtrack playing in the background 🙂

Ok. Blogging time is up. Next: hot shower. to wash the day away.

Till next time!






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My new obsession: little Nate

When I was growing up, my family had this blue Olympus camera that served us well. As a family we liked taking pictures and developing them. We had tons of photo albums of all sorts of family events.

While some families moved on to camcorders, that fad never latched on to my family. A camcorder isn’t very affordable. Although we now have digital cameras, we haven’t got into the habit of taping ourselves doing the most mundane things.

But I’m glad this couple decided back in 2006 to tape their children’s daily activities and post them on YouTube. It’s an absolute joy to watch little Nate and Mia grow up before my very eyes.

I love watching spunky little Mia but I have a soft spot for Nate, the music lover. He is one cool babe. When he was about 15 month old or so, he was already grooving to Justin Timberlake’s My Love and later, when he was slightly older, Sexy Back

It’s obvious from this video that his favourite American Idol 7 contestant was David Cook.

And he wanted so badly for Adam Lambert to win American Idol 8 in this video that he almost cried when Adam didn’t!

I hope his mom will post a new video of the two of them soon. I wonder what they’ll be up to next…

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I thought we didn’t care?

I think people are strange. When I say people, myself included.

We’re strange because we tell ourselves that we don’t care but we do. For example, we’ve forgotten that old ex-boyfriend whom we haven’t seen in years. But when we realise that we might bump into them or, God forbid, have to attend a function with them, we still dread the thought. We’re excited but at the same time we think, “God, I’m not ready to meet him. I look like crap!”

But why? I thought we didn’t care??

I just had that “OMG, I hope I don’t meet him because I look like crap” moment just now when I saw some pictures of this “old fling” doing what I was supposed to be doing with his sister in the near future. I don’t think he looks particularly hot these days actually (did he ever?) but still, the thought of even bumping into him makes me want to get a liposuction or something.

Like, I want to one up him in terms of looks.. at least. I want to be able to say (in my mind, confidently), “Look at me! I’m gorgeous and I’ve got me a man. See the ice on my finger?”

Secretly, I want him to say, “Man, she was the one that got away… *sigh*

Hehehehe… I think I have issues. I suppose we all do.

Speaking of issues, I still have a bone to pick with the my t-shirt thief. Why god why?? Not my NKOTB t-shirt!! *loud sigh*

Anyway, I ripped the songs from my NKOTB Greatest Hits CD and transfered them to my iPod. I shall go to sleep with Jordan Knight serenading me tonight.

Oh before that, I had chilly crab with husband and friend for dinner. Am not a fan of crabs but after a long hiatus from eating the crustacian, I was wallopping it like nobody’s business.

Anyway, here’s a pantun dua kerat.

My stomach’s full and my eyes are heavy. Good night everybody!

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I received a parcel yesterday morning. It contained a small box with a 4gb pen drive inside of it storing some pictures for my articles. The best thing is, I get to keep the pen drive. AND it comes with a warranty. Cool!

When I saw the envelope on my desk, it reminded me of a “little something” that the good people at said they would mail me. I had a feeling that I would be getting the parcel yesterday.

Guess what? It did arrive… yesterday!

My large parcel
My large parcel

A huge Ready Post cushion mailer (padded huge envelope) with my name on it and a return address to Houston, Texas, USA.

When I saw it, my husband immediately snatched it from me. I didn’t get a chance to see what it was. It felt like a t-shirt, so I thought, “yeah, they gave me a t-shirt. That’s nice”.

And then when I finally got my hands on the parcel, I saw a green note which said “1 t-shirt, 1 dvd and 1 cd”. Dvd and CD?

I would never have guessed in a million years…. that they would be NKOTB merchandise!!!!!!

In the parcel was NKOTB Greatest Hits: The Videos (DVD) and NKOTB Greatest Hits (CD). Here’s the not-so-cool part. There was no t-shirt.

1 t-shirt, 1 DVD, 1 CD
It says: 1 t-shirt, 1 DVD, 1 CD

Someone stole my NKOTB t-shirt man!!!!! Well, I assume it’s a NKOTB t-shirt because everything else was NKOTB-related. I almost cried okay! I mean, how can these people at the immigration or postal department do this to me?

Should I consult Sy3d Faisal (our former ceo who is now with the postal department) about this? I’m really upset because this is not the first time and I’m not the first victim.

I’m embarrassed to inform the good people at , but I think they ought to know that while I got the DVD and CD, the t-shirt is missing.

Anyway, I want to thank them so much for the gift. I know my Law of Attraction book says never turn down free gifts or offers to buy me lunch (or something similar) but you guys shouldn’t have! But thank you. It’s very sweet of you!

The DVD and CD
The DVD and CD

I watched the DVD — which has NKOTB’s music videos and live concert performances — from start to finish. I appreciate the fact that the DVD has a music video and live version of Tonight which is my husband’s favourite NKOTB song. I’m sure he enjoyed it because he stopped whatever he was doing to watch it and sing along. I haven’t seen many of those videos in a loooooong time, so they brought back good memories.

And that’s what is all about to me: revisiting long forgotten memories that seem to be triggered by the sound of an old favourite tune or the sight of an old favourite video. Meet like-minded people who also grew up listening to the same stuff that you did there and … I don’t know… network I guess. It’s really up to you… the possibility is endless 😛

The video and cd are just what I need to get myself psyched for the real concert. I know that NKOTB will come to Malaysia. I don’t know when but I know they will. At least I know I’m going* (wherever that concert may be) 🙂

*Practising the Law of Attraction here.

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The Price of Fame

I promise not to let anything or anyone get to me ever again. So not worth it. So not worth my time. They’ll never get anything from me” – Suzie

This time yesterday, one teeny weeny incident ruined my entire day. It lingered with me through the entire day like an embarrassing memory that makes you cringe and want to crawl into a hole and bury yourself in it forever.

And then I had a good night’s sleep and felt much, much better in the morning. It’s true what they say —  when you feel positive, you’ll attract good things even when you had a bad start to your day. I think today has been one of those good days that not only went well but also went by super fast — just the way I like it 🙂

When I got home tonight, I was lucky to catch an E! Special on Britney Spears The Price of Fame. The 90-minute show follows Britney’s life from her MM Club days to April 2008 after she allowed her parents back into her life and let them help her get better.

I genuinely, genuinely feel happy for her. This is a woman who nearly lost her sanity. Sure, she partied a lot and probably took a lot of drugs too. Drugs + booze = recipe for disaster. As a result, she “proved” to the world what an incompetent mom she was in 2007 with her strange, un-mom like behavour.

BUT when she was hospitalised (after the LAPD sent a squad and paramedics to her home because they believed she could be a danger to herself and others), they found no traces of drug in her system. She was not drunk either. It wasn’t the drugs that made her go out of her mind. She was beyond depressed. Her first love ended bitterly; her first marriage didn’t last two days; her second marriage ended with a messy custody battle and she was appearing in the media for all the wrong reasons. She basically had  a crappy year.

So it’s good to see her back making hit songs and cool videos. From her latest video Womanizer, she looked amazing. And she doesn’t have “crazy eyes” (as one blogger describes her during her drama days), as she did last year.

It shows that, in difficult times, all a girl needs is to be around her family who care for her unconditionally. She nearly lost her career, children and her mental health. She regained them back and more. To quote Britney in her single Gimme More: “Britney’s back b!tch!”