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Curly Sue

I seriously have no idea on what to write. But I hate the idea of having “And 10,9,8….” as my most recent post.

So, I guess I’ll talk about the D&D. A lot of people wanted to know how my D&D went and whether I pulled off my rockabilly look. Well, let’s just say that things didn’t really go according to my plans.

First, I didn’t have a flat iron to curl my hair with, nor did I have a round brush. So my husband had to twist my curls with his fingers and set them with hairspray. The end product were curls that weren’t much different from my daily look.

But it didn’t really matter that I couldn’t recreate the 1940s bombshell look that I wanted. After seeing a picture of Kate Perry in a magazine donning a very cute Alice band, I decided that it was a more achievable look. So for all of you who didn’t know, I went to the D&D as a pseudo-Kate Perry 😛

As for my makeup, I memorised the youtube video that I saw and did the best that I could. Initially, I thought my makeup was bordering on garish. But, when I went to the ladies later that night, I checked out my reflection on the mirror and decided that I didn’t look too bad (if I do say so myself). In fact, someone said that I look adorable. Mind you, this is someone who doesn’t dish out compliments often. So, if she thought I looked adorable, then I must have 😛

The funny thing is, I didn’t take a single picture using my own camera. I had to take my own picture at home. Sad right?

As far as the lucky draw was concerned, I wasn’t extremely lucky in that department either. I got a pensonic rice cooker — how exciting is that?! But I guess I shouldn’t complain. At least I came back with something. Some people didn’t win anything at all.

But I think my lucky streak is coming back. Last night I went to the british council media night and got a 1g pen drive. Ok, that’s not terribly exciting but everyone could use an extra data storage device right? Today at my kumon assignment, I got two 2g thumbdrives. How cool is that? Plus they served us tempura set in bentos!! I love Japanese food. I couldn’t believe my luck!!!

Besides that, I think my curly hair totally rocked today. The secret? Shampoo + conditioner + Ellips hair vitamin + sunsilk damage repair leave on lotion + no combing = natural “thermal wave/curl”. I swear by Ellips hair vitamin.

I started using it when I was looking for an alternative to my regular conditioner for my trip to HK. My sister-in-law liked it a lot so I decided to try it myself. Bringing it to HK sounded like a good idea because I wouldn’t have to worry about it being confiscated because I had excedeed my 1 litre liquid in my hand luggage quota.

Picture courtesy of

It comes in capsules that look like ‘blisters’. The content is greasy but when you apply to damp hair, the greasiness goes away. When your hair dries, it becomes conditioned, not oily or lank. It’s good for my curls especially when I pair it with a leave on conditioner. It makes them very bouncy. Best of all, 1 “blister” capsule is enough to cover my thin, medium length hair.

I think this product has won Cleo’s best product category at least once before. And a lot of people who have tried it liked the result they got. It’s quite cheap too — only RM4.75 for six capsules. But I think it’s more economical to buy it in bottles.

I think I’ll buy the bottle after I finish the six capsules. I think it’s available at Watsons and Apple Green pharmacies.

As much as I love my natural curl, I think I could use a curling iron. I saw a few youtube videos on how to curl your hair and I’m convinced that MTV-type curls can only be achieved with a curling thong. So, that’s going on my Xmas/birthday wish list 🙂

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Another D&D inspiration

I can’t believe the D&D is two days away!!

When I saw this poster the other day, I knew that this was the look I wanted to copy. I know that my hair is a little short to pull off this look right now but I’m not about to let length (or the lack of it) stop me from trying!

As it turns out, I can’t wear my red shoes because my dress has blue trimmings. So I’ll have to go for blue shoes and bag instead. But I’m still doing the red, glossy lips and wavy hair. False eyelashes is also a definite must to complete this look.

My plan on Friday is to run to the hairdressers during sembahyang jumaat, somewhere out of bangsar preferably because I know I’ll have to compete with god knows how many women from the office if I were to go to my usual “haunts”.

Then I’ll get husband’s colleague to help me put on the falsies and eye makeup before I leave for the dinner. How’s that? Sounds like a plan eh? Well, hope it works!

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Post Hong Kong

I’m back people!!!

My working trip to HK was — in short — successful, inspiring and memorable. I met really nice people there, was wowed by the efforts of the teachers who attended the forum and amazed by the sights and sounds of Hong Kong.

There were nine of us from Msia — 3 media reps, 3 moe reps, 2 ms reps and 1 teacher/quarter-finalist. Most of us had only met for the first time at the airport. Having gone for the regional event in Hanoi in April, I was already familiar with the 2 MS reps and teacher. It turned out that one of the media reps was formerly from BH in JB (hansolo, I’m sure you know who she is because she left the company a few months ago to work in KL). We had met each other perhaps a couple of years back but both of us couldn’t remember what assignment or occasion it was. We became fast friends anyway.

We left Msia at about 9.30am. That meant leaving the house at about 6.15am to check in by 7.30am. I had omellette and watched Baby Mama on the plane. I really recommend this movie because it is funny as h3ll!! I laughed and cried watching this movie — the guy sitting next to me probably thought I was crazy. If you’re into spoilers, read all about Baby Mama here.

I could relate to the movie because I’m trying for a baby myself. It hasn’t been particularly easy for me so this movie, about a successful business woman who’s trying to have a baby alone at 37, hits a chord with me. Tina Fey and Amy Pohler were both hilarious and excellent actors. I knew that they were funny from the Saturday Night Live days but I never knew that they could do drama as well. Believe it or not, the movie was categorised under Drama under the Movie on Demand list. The script is brilliant at mixing hilarious moments and touching ones all in one scene.

I loved the film so much that I recommended it to the former BH girl but too bad the movie was removed from the play list on our flight back to Msia. I wanted to watch it again but because it was no longer available, I decided to watch Wall-E. The missing narration makes it a bit boring but I still think it’s a sweet movie. I must be really hormonal then because not only did I cry watching Baby Mama, watching Wall-E go about his work all alone on Earth too almost moved me to tears 😛 I loved the movie. Well at least I didn’t fall asleep watching it as I did while watching The X-Files right after Wall-E. Not that it was incredibly boring or anything. I think I was just tired by then.

My stay in Hong Kong was wonderful. I would have loved to do more shopping but I find HK to be rather expensive. I mean, a bottle of Evian costs RM5 there. A bottle of regular mineral water costs RM3. So you can pretty much tell how expensive other things can be. It didn’t help that our hotel, The Langham in Tsim Sha Tsui is right across a Louis Vitton boutique. It was an exclusive area, so shopping around the jotel area was limited.

But Ladies Market was just four MTR stations away. I didn’t really like it there because I found the bargaining process really tiring. Some of the proprieters are rude — they just shoo you away. But I managed to get the usual souvenir stuff — fridge magnets, t-shirts etc — for not-too-bad prices. The t-shirts were of good quality so I’m happy with that. I wanted to buy a bag for myself but I ended up with a pair of flat shoes instead. It was for RM32. I’m happy with that because it looks good with my jeans.

I loved watching the young women in HK. They dress really well, very trendy with their calf or knee-length boots. HK this time of the year is slightly cooler than in Malaysia and less humid too. You don’t need a coat or anything. You’l be fine with your t-shirt. But if you were to wear your jeans and t-shirt, you’ll look slightly out of place in Tsim Sha Tsui area where the girls were shorts, dresses or pretty blouses with skirts and boots. Sure, there will be people in just t-shirt and jeans but they’re mostly guys 😛

Books in HK are pretty expensive too. If you think your RM34 paperback is pricey, wait till you have to fork out RM45 for the same paperback in HK! I’m never taking book prices in KL for granted anymore. Of course, I’ll buy them online so I’ll get a 30 per cent discount.

Sasa in HK is cheaper (certain items) and bigger. I almost bought a Sasa-brand lengthening/volumising mascara for HK$98 (98xRM0.46= about RM45) but decided against it. I didn’t really need it. I already have my Maybelline mascara that does the job for less than RM40. Never mind that I still think about it now (I think I’m in love), enough to make me want to go to a Sasa store and see if they sell it here too. But I bought 3 miniature perfumes — Eternity (15ml) and two Burberry Weekend (5ml) — for RM50 from there. Not bad eh?

All this talk about shopping makes you wonder whether I did any work at all in HK. Of course I did 🙂

I was there to cover an international forum for innovative teachers and met teachers from 60 countries who are not short of inspirational. If all these teachers were to work in one school, that would be one heck of a brilliant school. These are teachers who worked outside of office hours to create games, movies etc to enhance their teachings. You will be amazed by what these teachers can do. Some of these schools are rural ones that have no Internet access at all. Yet the students learn with the aid of technology everyday.

I really want to do justice to the article which I will prepare in the coming days. I hope I will do a great job at it.

Anyway, after spending four solid days in Hong Kong, staying at a 5-star hotel with great breakfast and company, it still feels good to be back in the comfort of my own messy room and table writing this entry.

Oh, that just reminds me of something. I need to register the free MS Office One Note 2007 software I got from the forum online and also check out Piggley’s blog. Piggley is the mascot of a school in rural Nothern Ireland. From his blog, I could see that he had a whale of a time in Hong Kong. Read all about him here and also notice how Piggley asks the students to look up some information on Hong Kong and its culture. This is the kind of learning that these teachers are promoting. Fun, isn’t it?

Well, I’m signing off too. I wish I could have done a day-to-day blog like Piggley but to tell you the truth, the Internet charge was too expensive and I frankly didn’t have the energy to even switch my laptop on at the end of the day.

Anyway, see you soon!

P/S: No pictures yet. I’ll probably transfer some photos tomorrow and I’m also waiting for some REALLY good pictures from MS representatives. More of that next week I guess. I’l probably upload them on FB. Later!

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Yay, happy 2nd anniversary to me!

Two years ago today, today was a Saturday. On that hot Saturday morning, my husband and I were married.

So, yeah, happy 2nd anniversary to me and my husband!

We haven’t planned anything special tonight. Truth be told, I completely forgot the significance of today until I was keying something into my Outlook calender and saw the date. These days, I operate by days, not dates. I can tell you today is a Tuesday but don’t ask me what date it is. So yeah, that’s the story of my life.

Anyway, my husband incidentally got two tickets for the premier of Ironman tonight. So, we’re watching that as a way of celebrating our union. These days, I’m up for just about anything. Because it is normally the last minute plans that end up being the most enjoyable.

Since the cinema is near The Curve, we may just have dinner at Marche, where we normally go to treat ourselves. See how it goes.

I know anniversaries should be big deals but not to me. I’ve never been one to celebrate, not even my own birthday. So not surprisingly, I didn’t get any gifts for my husband and neither did he for me. We’re broke this month anyway.

If I have the money, I’ll probably surprise him with an Ipod or something. But we’re the type of couple who splurge on each other for no real reason. I would have made some effort if I weren’t so freakking busy this month.

Whatever it is, I’m glad that I’m able to get one story out of the way. It’s not mine but I’ve been tasked to rejig it. So rejig it I did. I can’t say I enjoyed it. How can you enjoy ripping apart someone else’s work and changing it beyond recognition. On second thought, it sounds like utter pleasure, esp if the story belongs to your enemy.

But I have no enemies (at least I’d like to think so), so I was doing the (re)jiggy like I was treading on eggshells. I hope I made a decent job.

Oklah. Tomorrow is American Idol day for me. Whatever Jason decides to sing, please, please, please make it so good that Simon says its BRILLIANT and ON THE MONEY, Paula starts bawling her eyes out and Randy gives a standing ovation and urges the audience to do the same. Coz I just want to see this boy in the Top Three. That’s not too much to ask, right?

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I was going to wait until the internet connection at home is better to blog about my recent trip to B0tswana but it looks like it ain’t gonna get any better. The pictures will have to wait, though.

I took the day of on Thursday in preparation for my flight that night. A major drama actually took place that morning – major as in HUGE. Needless to say that I left Malaysia with a heavy heart. If it had been a personal trip, I would have cancelled but it was work and I had to fulfill the commitment I made. But suffice to say that drama now has been sorted out.

The drama during the day probably tired me out because I slept even before they served supper on the flight to Jo’burg from Spore *lol* That was good tho because I sure didn’t want to stay awake on a 10-hour flight. It was a good thing that I had slept about 6 hours on and off because it made me too groggy to be stressed out about the turbulence we experienced. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give the shaking a 7. The plane literally swayed from left to right for what seemed like an eternity (maybe 10 minutes). At one point, we felt the plane “drop” (I believe this is what people call the plane being caught in an air pocket?). I actually woke up a few seconds before it happened. The turbulence was THAT bad. But I have experienced worst. I was on a plane to Sabah, I believe, and the plan “dropped” 3x in succession with about 5 seconds of breaks in between “drops”. I actually let out a nervous gasp on the third drop and the lady next to me was looking panicky herself. I must have scared her more *lol*

Anyway, that was the not so good part about the trip. There’s actually another one but I’ll save that for later.

The flight on the whole was not so bad. Me and the rest of the entourage got to Jo’berg airport feeling a little groggy despite the long walk lugging our heavy hand luggages. Did I tell you we were warned against checking in our bags? Valuables and, worse, bags and their contents have gone missing at Jo’berg especially for passengers whose final destinations are to other african countries. One staff of l_k_w didn’t get his luggage until the day he was to leave the country. Boleh? Ghetto giler k?! You wouldn’t think that something like that can happen in such a modern airport. I mean, I can tolerate things being “removed” from the luggage but for the entire luggage to go missing? The scary part is it happens to so many people on a daily basis. Macam tak ada undang-undang je 😛

Note: Just to show you how serious it is, I googled jo’berg airport lost baggage and found a NYT article on the subject. Here is what the article said:

In Africa, Johan Breytenbach, an analyst on iJET’s Africa team, said that theft at the Johannesburg airport, Africa’s busiest with more than 13 million passengers a year, occurs daily – NYT

Anyway, we arrived in Gab0r0ne about 10am. After a short briefing by one of the l_k_w staff, we were taken straight to our hotel. We were warned that our hotel room would be “cute” (i.e small). But the rooms turned out to be cosy and pretty. I loved my room and I loved the idea of having the tv “suspended” like tvs in hospital rooms. The only bummer was that the rooms didn’t have any phones. It would not have been so bad if we had roaming. None of the services – nope, not even cel-to-the-com – have roaming there. So we had to knock on each other’s room to communicate/make plans/etc.

After I showered, I heard a knock on my door. It was the kakak from B*H. She asked me if I wanted to see the town with her. Frankly, I was scared to go out but because she had asked, I said yes. I mean, we had six hours to kill before dinner, so what the heck? I was with her and she looked super confident, so off we went. I’m glad we did because we managed to see a bit of Gab0r0ne, its people and shopping areas.

We learned that cars in B0ts are cheap so no one rides a motorcycle there. They’d rather walk than ride a bike. I’m joking. But the truth is, I didn’t see any bikers at all. I saw many people either in cars or walking, though.

Just like in Shah Alam, there are actual taxis and teksi sapu in Gab0r0ne. If you ask the drivers if they have receipts, they’ll say yes even if a notepad is all they have to write your “receipt” on. Cute, huh?

I notice that Gab didn’t have many places in town selling crafts. That made looking for small souvenirs difficult. They had all the wood carvings which are nice but not exactly practical for travelers who can’t check in their bags. What they had in abundance were mini marts and shops selling clothes and shoes for “cheap”. Fruits and veggies are cheap and so is beef or chicken. But other things can be pricey because they have to be imported from next-door-neighbour-with-the-port S.Africa.

The kakak and I were impressed with the fact that we didn’t see beggars on the street at the three shopping areas we went to. We were starred at a lot – being non-Africans – but no one came up to us for money or anything. But I suppose Africans in Gab0r0ne are getting more used to seeing Asians now that the Chinese have set up businesses there. You’ll be amazed with the number of Chinese restaurants and shops which have mushroomed at Gab0r0ne. There’s one halal Chinese restaurant just next door to one of the l_k_w’s campuses. The food there, apparently, is brilliant.

When it comes to “fine dining”, Gab0r0ne has a lot to offer. On Friday night, we went to this place called Bull and Bush (or something), a steak place. Before you ask, beef in Gab0r0ne at least is halal so the muslim staff there have been happily wacking beef since they arrived. Portion sizes are huge. I ordered the finest fillet cut and still couldn’t finish it. I loved my meal but was disappointed that my side veggies were blended beyond recognition. They were probably delicious in their original form but after being blended? Yuck!

The B&B place was very “happening” on Friday night. They had a cute young caucasian Dj who played songs by Sean Kingston, Neyo, Chris Brown etc. People of all ages, shapes and sizes shaked their booty on the dance floor. One black guy was really good. I bet he does break dancing.

It would have been a great night if not for the fact that the so-called bouncers of the restaurant insisted that I pay for the “cover charge”. BS-lah. Mana ada cover charge. Sesuka hati mak bapak dia je nak suruh orang bayar. One of them actually grabbed my arm and bag so that I won’t run away. I told him sternly to take his hands of me and he did. He later came to our table and spoke to the l_k_w staff. I didn’t hear what they said.

To give you context to what took place. We had entered the place, sat down and made our orders. Then, one of the l_k_w staff asked us if we wanted to see the handicrafts outside. So we went and when we wanted to make our way in again, that was when I was stopped. Well, kalau betul ada cover charge, where’s your stamp to indicate that I have paid? There was none and there was actually no cover charge. Come on, it’s a freaking restaurant! So, that unfortunately had ruined an otherwise good night.

We wanted to dine outside (still within the restaurant compound), where they had picnic tables and a bar much like the one you see in Blood Diamond, but there were too many people already. The food, as I was saying, was nice but service can be a little slow. If you’re hungry, do have something light prior to leaving the house. But the waites and waitresses are well trained. They talk to you, ask you if your food is fine and if you’d like another drink etc. This service at your normal pizza-hut or kfc, ok? Not bad kan?

I wish I could take all of you to this plant nursery place which has a cafe in a beautiful garden we went to on Sunday, just a couple of hours before the event we were suppose to attend. There is a h-u-g-e fig tree in the middle of the garden which was nothing like I have ever seen in my life. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have ever seen a fig tree 😛

Another highlight of the garden is a tree house for the kids. There was a really cute, chubby boy (toddle) who was playing with his older brother and the older brother dug some dirt and put it on the lil brother’s head! I didn’t get a picture of that though.

The l_k_w staff said we must have coffee there, so we did. I had already taken breakfast but I wanted to order the tuna salad because I had a feeling we won’t have time to have lunch – which was true! The tuna salad was fresh. The tuna did not come from a tin and I can vouch for that. It tasted un-tin-like *lol* I shared the salad with the kakak and we cold hardly finish it.

At 3pm, the event we flew all the way from Msia to attend took place. It was a convo ceremony unlike anything I have ever seen. Students were singing songs like Hero, Simply the best, Wings beneath my wing between scroll presentations, boleh? I have a video but I don’t think I’m going to youtube it. Kalau nak tengok, see me personally.

The ceremony was over in about two hours or so. We then went to the press conference, did some interviews and went for dinner. We flew home the next morning. The flight home from Jo’berg was much, much better this time. No turbulence at all and I managed to see two movies – Resident Evil: Extinction and The Invasion.
I wish I had the time and money to go on a safari in Bots. I was told that Bots safari is the best in the African continent. Well, kalau umur panjang, I will get to go there again. Insya-allah.

My impression of Gab0rone? It has a lot of potential as a tourist spot. But the people of Bots must know how to “sell” the country. The simplest example? Produce more souvenirs that tourists can pick up and place safely in their bags. I’m talking about I’m talking about good quality souvenirs – fridge magnets, pens, etc. I found that these were sorely lacking.

I thought that Gab0r0ne was not so prepared for tourists. I wondered to myself, apart from the safari – that is probably 20km away from town – and the food, what else can a tourist like me see and do? I actually asked someone this question and they were a bit stumped for an answer.

I hope with the presence of a creative university in town, the country will be able to produce creative human resource who can transform the country into a vibrant economy. That the country is sponsoring the tertiary education of 90 per cent of its young people means that the country is heading in the right direction. I wish Batswana (people of Botswana) all the best!

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Call me karaoke queen

Why? Because I’ve made a vow to enter all the amateur karaoke contest (especially for media) that I can 😛

After the NPC-D1g1 contest which I entered last month — in which I won third place 😦 — I signed up for another competition taking place tomorrow. BH is organising its family carnival in conjunction with its 50th anniversary tomorrow and they are organising lots of activities for the entire family. One of them is the husband-and-wife karaoke contest 😛 I have no idea what the prizes are (I hope it’s cash and lots of them) but I had convinced my husband that we must, absolutely must enter. When I signed up, there were only about three or four other couples. I think they’re looking for 10.

BH family carnival

It’s funny though because no one called us to reconfirm the details, although I had left our details in the form. All I know is that the contest starts at 2pm. So, we’d better leave the house tomorrow just before noon. We’re probably going to sing Jangan Ada Dusta, a duet by Broery Marantika and Dewi Yull. It’s a slow ballad which is not so hard on the larynx – because husband can’t really hit the high notes – and soothing to the ear.

Well that is tomorrow.

Last night, I entered a contest during the Gold3n Hop3 media night and won…(drum roll please) first place! Woohoo! I got a RM500 JJ shopping voucher. Not bad eh?

Golden Hope

Two years ago, I entered the same contest, got second place and won RM700 worth of shopping vouchers. Nampaknya, nilai hadiahnya sudah merosot. But at least I got RM500. Who is going to give me that much cash to shop, right?

I don’t have anything specific to shop for. Maybe I’ll buy something frivolous with it like clothes 😛 I heard JJ is having a sale now. Can I say perfect timing?

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Dinner meetings and bratty teens

First up, Just!n T!mberlake’s songs are annoyingly catchy. And when is he going to lose his pre-adolescent voice? He sounds like a teenage boy. It’s cute sometimes but mostly just weird.

Anyway, it’s late but I am not the least bit sleepy. I’m full and satisfied. Why? My husband and I had good company for dinner tonight.

My husband had a dinner meeting with the p*r of the hotel located opposite of BTS in Jln Imb!. The p*r guys has only been the p*r for just a little over 2 months and was eager to “learn” more about working with the n*s*t. So, he invited my husband for dinner and told that he could bring a guest.

Well, for free dinner, I guess we were more than happy to sit down and explain how the whole process works :).

But I’m glad I went along because at least I was there to give that essential editorial input. So back at the hotel, my husband and I were like the Mr and Mrs Sm!th of the advtsg/mktg/editorial line *hehehehe* totally selling the newspaper. The things we do for this company… *sigh*.

It was a fruitful meeting to say the least. I wish more business meetings went on like the one we had earlier.

Anyway, went we got home, I managed to catch the tail end of lagun@ b3ach on mtv. I have never caught that show in full but from the little that I saw, it was oklah…

But hey, I have a thing for teen soaps, so I may be biased. My favourite Astro channels are actually 60 (Disney), 61 (Nickelodeon), 70 (Star World), 71 (MTV), 72 (Channel V) and 17 (AXN). Although I am up for watching a lot of teen dramas, I was never really into One_Tree_Hill or 0C.

Come to think of it, I wasn’t a big fan of BH90210 either. But because I bought TeenBeat etc religiously, I knew all the characters’ names by heart including the tried-so-hard-to-pretend-to-be-a-teen-but-failed-miserably Andrea.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Discovery and NG too but after a long day at work, you kind of need escapism. Nothing works as good for me as the six channels.

One of my favourite teen-related show is actually My Super Sweet 16 (or at least I think that’s what it’s called…). I love seeing the rich brats throw tantrums to get things done their way. I don’t get to watch it often but I enjoy every episode that I manage to see.

The part that I like best about those shows is when uninvited kids try to crash the party. I mean, WHAT FOR? Your not invited so deal with it.

But noooo, they try their best to get into the “cool” party and end up being chased away. Sooooo embarrasssing ok?!

But I guess when you’re 16, being invited to and seen at THE party of the YEAR is the BIGGEST deal. I suppose they’d rather die trying than die of mortification of having to stay at home that night.

In a way, I’m glad my teen years was nothing remotely like what I see on tv.

I was into 4u2c and I wished I was a prefect/pretty/rich/had a boyfriend/brainy/teachers pet etc but never was/had any of the qualities mentioned. But, for a nerd, I think I turned out alright.

Ok. Now I’m feeling sleepy. Time to finish this entry and shut down the laptop. Until tomorrow. Toodles!