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Hopelessly devoted to you

How can this be? Alaina Withaker out of the American Idol so soon? This Carrie Underwood look-alike stole my heart last week with her peppy rendition of More Today Than Yesterday.

So what happened? She sang my favourite song Hopelessly Devoted To You poorly, that’s what. I saw the video of her performance on youtube and I can’t argue much because she sounded awful during the high notes. It was a case of poor song choice and not enough luck. I mean Kady “Britney Impersonator” Malloy sang off-key when she was performing Magic Man but she stayed!

I also think that Alexandrea Lushington didn’t do too bad. She was, in fact, better than last week. Spinning Wheel (her song last week) was all over the place for me but this week, she’s fine. I mean, at least she doesn’t deserve to leave.

I have to say that Brooke White’s You’re So Vain was so polished. To me (personality wise), she started out sweet and then last week I thought she was so annoying. I wasn’t enamoured with her rendition of Happy Together. But this week I’m in love with her again. I hope she doesn’t annoy me again.

If the Internet is good, I’d like to check out Carly Smithson’s and Miranda Overmyer’s videos. They’re the ones that I bother to check out. Ramielle Malubay has potential but she lacks personality. I like her, I think she’s cute but she hasn’t got that X factor. I’m afraid she’d be booted out in a week or so. If she’s really lucky, she will get to the Top 12 but she won’t go very far. That’s my prediction anyway.

Well, I’m off to download some BSB’s songs. I have forgotten a lot of their lyrics, it’s not funny. It hasn’t got anything to do with age. No, no, nothing to do with the fact that I just turned 30. I just haven’t been singing to them in a while. I’m one of those who can forget names if I haven’t said them in a while. That’s not a sign of Alzheimers or old age *lol*

Speaking of turning 30, I haven’t put up pictures of my birthday cupcakes! I’ll do that if the Internet connection is good. Later!


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