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He was in blue jeans, thinking about September Morn(ing). Now (and again) he is safe :)

Yesterday was Labour Day (in Malaysia, at least) and I woke up slightly late. I completely forgot that it was results day in the States. So, I logged on to the Net and saw the headline about Paula’s antics (she judged Jason Castro’s second performance when he hadn’t even performed it) from the night before. Under it was a line which (cheekily) said: Since Paula can’t be eliminated, one of the Idols has to go.

Dreadheads (Jasons fans) are furious, calling the incident unfair. For a while now they have been speculating on a conspiracy theory to oust the dreadlocked contestant. What Paula did further convinced them that there is INDEED a conspiracy. One website even asked: Are they THAT scared that (Jason) will win this contest? Is he getting THAT many votes?

I don’t know about him winning the title. All I care is seeing Jason through one more week (and hopefully another week after that). With Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week coming up next and Jason reportedly being “very excited about it”, I hope he’ll do well.

Jason Castro's blue jeans

Jason Castro performing Neil Diamond’s Forever in Blue Jeans.

There is also an article in Entertainment Weekly which revealed that Jason may have grown tired of being in the competition. Part of me feels a little angry that he has even expressed the thought of giving up. I mean, thousands of people are dying to be in your shoes right now, Jason. But another part of me sympathises with him. At this point, the whole contest has become rather taxing, even on me as an audience.

That Jason is thinking that going home sounds really good at this point may stem from the fact that he has some self-confidence issues. He has admitted on tv that he doesn’t get embarrassed easily but imagine being told again and again (on the show, over the Internet) that you’re the weaker singer in the contest. What will that do to your self-esteem? So apparently, he has been given a mantra to recite before he performs. The mantra is: People love seeing me on stage, people love seeing me on stage. Jason, honey, that’s more than a mantra because it is true. People vote for you because you’re YOU. I listen to your mp3s and think, “wow, this boy has a really nice, soothing voice! I can’t wait for his CD to be released,” and NOT, “Gosh, Jason Castro blows!”

So, Jason, hang in there. You just have a few weeks more before the competition ends. You’ve come so far and it’s such a waste to give up now!

Ok, I just gave Jason Castro a pep talk. How geeky and groupie-like is that?

Anyway, I was IM-ing with Dell the other day and she said that I haven’t blogged about moving to Section 2. I think I have. I’m SURE I have. Haven’t I? If I haven’t then, yeah, I have moved to the new house. Surprise! 😛

Other new developments include:

a) I got an iPod Nano as my wedding anniversary gift to myself. It’s a grey, 4-gig iPod which is so slim, it fits nicely into my pockets. I also got the nike arm band to go with it. I haven’t taken it to the gym yet but I have uploaded songs/playlists and videos of Self Challenge. Maybe I’ll go next week, if I’m not too busy.

b) My Self subscription has been arriving very late of late. Earlier the magazine arrives in the mail on the first week of every month. Nowadays, it arrives at the last week of the month. I’m quite unhappy about that. I’m wondering if it’s the customs here that’s causing the delay.

c) Ironman was absolutely fun. I think it’s a brilliant decision to cast Robert Downey Jr as the lead because he brought a lot of character to the …errr… character. I really recommend it.



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

3 thoughts on “He was in blue jeans, thinking about September Morn(ing). Now (and again) he is safe :)

  1. Please don’t be disappointed in Jason. Once they hit the Top 10, the media reporters CAN’T touch them until they leave the show.
    What happened, is Jason had an interview WITH American Idol, it was a video….he admitted he has a girlfriend now, and that he “can’t wait to get home and spend time with her.”……No, that doesn’t mean that he wants to go home NOW, hes just looking forward to seeing his love.
    Anyway, EW must have wrote up an article based on that video, which is pretty low in my opinion.They are twisting his words around, but..they’re allowed to do that, according to an American Idol contract that the contestants have to sign.
    I can indeed guarantee you from a source close to Jason that he does NOT want to go home. He IS in this to win it. He is very excited about this week, and I think he will do well.
    Once again, don’t be unhappy. Jason is thankful for his fans, and he IS in this for the long-haul! =]

  2. Thanks Dreadhead for clearing up the issue. I’m not disappointed with Jason. I’m sure he realises that he is thisclose to being crowned the Idol title. I live in Malaysia, so I can’t vote for him, but I would if I could.

    I know he’s destined for stardom, whether he wins the competition or not. It would be nice to see him in the finals (AND winning it) but I’ll be more than contented if he gets to the Top 3 (where Elliott Yamin landed two seasons ago).

    I hope that when Jason releases his CD, he’ll come to Malaysia to promote it (like Elliott did late last year) and I’ll be sure to be there!

  3. No problem =]

    It’s just upsetting to see that all over the media outlets..and a lot of people are believing it. It’s quite sad. I can assure you, he has never hinted toward “giving up” though. It’s still very surreal to him. I don’t think he TRULY realizes how much support he has. He’s very modest and humble like that.
    His CD will be amazing, won’t it? =]

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