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New post on Happy Weight blog

I bought myself a pair of Reebok Runtone shoes after more than a year of lusting for them. I took them for a “test drive” yesterday. Click here for the rest of the story.

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I told you so…

Last year, a few days after my birthday — on Feb 29 to be precise — I blogged about Jennifer Love Hewitt and how unflattering photos of her were circulated around the Internet.

What baffled me was that Jen was a “size 2” and called “fat”.

Jennifer from behind
Jennifer from behind

I remember the picture vivildy. She was standing with the sea water around her thighs calf, and wearing a black bikini. She was photographed from behind. Her hip looked unnaturally wide against her tiny (probably 24-inch) waist.

IF she was a size 2 on top — which, on hindsight is ridiculous considering how busty she is. She should at least be a size 8 — she looked like a size 8 on the bottom.

Later, I saw another photograph from the same beach vacation. It appeared that Jennifer had the dreaded cellulite that, believe it or not, even perennially skinny Paris Hilton has — and the paps have pictures to prove it!

At the end of that post, I wrote that I won’t be surprised if the next time we see Jennifer on a magazine, she’d look shapelier than before.

It took almost two years for that to happen but lo and behold, Jennifer on the cover of Shape magazine looking as skinny as she was in Sister Act 2 — back when she was 14!!

A young Jennifer
A young Jennifer

You can call me jealous but I think she lost too much weight. I don’t know about you but I find it very disturbing that the 30-year-old Jen looks (and probably weighs the same when she was) 14.

Look at the cover! I think she looks emaciated — the face, the collar-bone right to the bony shoulders.

Jennifer's new bod
Jennifer's new bod

On the Internet, people are already commenting on her cover story. Some said that they felt cheated because Jen said she was happy with herself and then she went and lose the weight. Others were supportive of her decision and said that as long as she lost the weight the healthy way, it was find.

Me? Well, normally I’m supportive of anyone who aims to be healthier and fitter but I didn’t react positively to Jen “looking like that” on the cover of one of my favourite magazines.

Right now, I’m thinking she sold out. Well, I kinda-sorta predicted that she would do so almost 2 years ago.

I need to get my hands on that magazine to assess the situation fairly LOL. But I won’t lie. My initial reaction went from “She lost the weight?” and “Good for her she lost the weight” to “I think she lost too much weight. She looks sick”.

So right now, I’m not taking her weight loss so positively, especially since I think she didn’t really need to lose the weight. What she needed was only to tone up her arms and her thighs.

But now, it seems that she has lost even the meat on her cheeks and she looks (almost) beyond recognition. Ask me another day…

P/S: If you’re interested in the article, click here.

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All you can eat weekend

Looks like it’s going to be a weekend of eating, eating and eating.

It started with my friend, Shah’s 30th birthday bash on Thursday. It was a cosy get-together. He had some food catered but many of the guests brought their own. It was almost a pot luck affair. Some of them brought triffles, roast chicken, creme puffs etc. I loved the white chocolate birthday cake. Normally, I hate white chocolate because it’s too sweet. But this one was different. It had almond in it and it was not sweet at all. Just perfect!

The venue was our friend Sh3gar’s boutique-cum-office. He’s trying to develop his own clothing line and already has, at least, two local celebrity clients – both girls have been VJs and are top local actresses. As the office is quite new, he hasn’t come round to fixing the prices on his clothes. I told him that his designs are something that I would definitely wear. If they’re not too expensive, I would definitely buy em 🙂

To burn off all the calories I consumed from the party, I went to the gym and had a good 40-minute walk/climb/run on the treadmill. I think this is the perfect routine for me because although “switching gears” is hard but it made the time fly by. Before I knew it, I was already on my 35th minute!

I discovered one trick to distract me while I’m running, especially when I’m not listening to the iPod – play games on the treadmill. By that I mean as I run, I make a square. One second I’m on the left side of the conveyor’s belt and another I’m on the right. It’s like I’m running in a zig zag motion. I found that although I was on a relatively comfortable speed, I exerted more energy just to keep up. Whatever it takes to get my heart rate up, yeah?

After the cardio, I did some squats, walking lunges, sit ups on the exercise ball and threw some punches with a 5-pound dumbell on each hand. Just moves that I remember reading from my health magazines.

Right after gym, I had a shower and met my husband who played three rounds of volleyball on the rooftop. After both of us were done, we went straight to my husband’s cousin’s place. An@s (the cousin) had a going away party/kenduri doa selamat. He and his wife, A1re3n will be leaving for Istanbul on the 12th as he will be doing a three-year dentistry postgraduate course there. Istanbul is also where his parents-in-law are. His FIL is the malaysian ambassador there, if I’m not mistaken. I think by the time they come back to KL, they would have had a kid or two 🙂 Insya-Allah.

Just this afternoon, his uncle of his had a housewarming party. I’m still stuffed from the beriyani and ayam masak merah.

I suppose tomorrow we will be eating in. But since Mak Na (his aunt) and her husband, Uncle J0hn and two children – Ad@m and B3n, are down here from New Castle, mom-in-law is sure to have some dinner plans. 

Now usually all this eating would make my stomach go haywire. But since I started taking DigestAid, I have had little to no problem. The only uncomfortable side effect is the flatulence. Either I’m farting all the time or I’m having difficulties passing wind. But that beats needing to urgently pass motion. It’s one evil or the other, I guess. Remember, beggars can’t be choosers!

But I think I’m going to try to substitute my DigestAid pills which contains papaya and pineapple enzymes for the real thing – papaya and pineapple fruits. Like on Friday, I missed breakfast, so I took a long piece of papaya just before lunch. After lunch, I took a pill. The surprise was, I was fine. No stomach cramps and urgent need to go to the toilet. Success!

I think Princess wants to do dinner on Monday. More eating! But I must reconfirm with her. So, later!

P/S: I have Rihanna’s Take A Bow minus one. Next singing contest, I’m singing Rihanna for sure 😛

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Guess who’s back in the mack

After spending hours in the office staring at the computer screen and pages for this weekend’s issue, the last thing I need right now is spending another 30 minutes or so staring at the screen writing this blog entry.

I got a shock (a pleasant one) looking at my dashboard. I knew that the layout for the page where I post my entries has changed but I had ZERO idea that the new dashboard has been pimped as well. Now I can tell who had recently linked me from their blogs/websites, how many blogposts I have so far — fyi it’s 542 (incl. this one), how many people read my blog on certain dates and my most popular post, which happens to be my review of Everyday Minerals makeup.

So, mineral makeup fans out there are gonna love this entry because *drum roll* I just got my package all the way from Austin, TX a couple of days ago. Actually, I could have picked it up on the 8th if I had wanted to but I was away in Hanoi. So, as soon as I had some free time on Wednesday, I laced up my walking shoes and speed-walked all the way to the post office (about a 10-minute walk). I swear I was back at my desk in less 20 minutes – the day was threatening to rain, so I HAD to walk fast.

After thoroughly enjoying my free samples kit last year, I decided to make my first purchase from Everyday Minerals website. I chose the personal custom kit (mini) where I get to pick 6 items from the categories below:

* Foundations
* Blushes and Face Colours
* Concealers
* Eye Colors
* Finishing Powders
* Lip Colors

and pay only US$18 (plus US$9 shipping and handling charges). For those living in Malaysia, that translates to around RM88. Not bad, huh?

Anyway, this time around, the products come in purple-lided containers weighing 4 grams each. They are the size of your average lip pots (lipgloss in pots) (see picture below which I lifted off Thank you for the picture!)

Everyday Minerals

The colours I picked were:

  • Medium Beige Summer and Sandy Medium for foundation in intensive (intensive refers to the formula and it’s suppose to be the best for oily skin like mine. Other formulas include matte, semi-matte and original glo)
  • Intensive Medium for concealer
  • Weekend Getaway and Apple for blushers
  • Cherry Fizz for lip colour

The morning after I picked up the package, I mixed both foundation and chose Weekend Getaway to complete my makeup. But mixing the foundations — which I thought would produce the perfect match for my skintone. Nope, not exactly, as I found out later. I looked too done up. But I loved my blusher which looked quite natural.

So this morning, I just went with Sandy Medium and what do you know, it’s quite close to my skin. I’m sure Medium Beige Summer isn’t too dark for me. It’ll be suitable for certain days when I need a little tan. I’m sure I’ll have one of those days 😛

I haven’t tried Apple because, frankly, it looks a little dark. Maybe it’s more suitable for night.

If you want to know how EM looks on my skin, just check out my current Facebook profile picture. In that photo, you’ll also notice that I am sporting a new hairdo. So far, I’ve got positive comments from people. I suppose if they have nothing nice to say about my hair, they probably won’t say anything *lol*. But I like my hair. If I had it my way, I would prefer a bob better but this cut is suited for my curly/wavy hair type. At least I don’t have to tie my hair when I run/walk on the treadmill. When I wash my hair, I use less shampoo and it takes less time to dry as well. I don’t need to use pomade to flick the ends of my hair because my natural curl does it for me FOC in my sleep 😛 I wake up and voila… instant swingy, bouncy curls.

Speaking of curls, today a colleague asked me if I had permed my hair? Hahaha. It’s all natural, baby!

I think I look boyish with this cut. Someone in the office says it makes me look younger than I already do. And my husband swears it makes me look taller(?!). Whatever!

I actually love long hair but I think I needed a makeover. Seven years is too long to have the same haircut, don’t you think?

Anyway, I do mean to post pictures from Hanoi soon. I still had long hair then. Right now though, I am too exhausted to even finish this entry and go grab a glass of cold water to drink. I promise, promise to do it before the end of the weekend. The Internet has been really good here in the new house so that’s a motivation to get it out of the way.

Ok, I’m so tired that the speaking voice in my head (which is narrating this entry) is slurring 😛 Night night then!

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The sweetest things

On Yahoo! News today:

Verizon recovers man’s missing recording

An 80-year-old man can hear his late wife’s voice again, any time he wants. Verizon has recovered a lost message recorded by Charles Whiting’s wife, Catherine, before her death in 2005.

When Verizon upgraded the man’s telephone service, his wife’s voice disappeared from his voicemail system. The message said “Catherine Whiting,” and her husband said he listened to it every day for comfort.

Company spokesman John Bonomo said Tuesday that a contractor found the recording in an archive and restored it to the new voicemail system.

Charles Whiting says he’s very happy.

Tell me this isn’t the sweetest piece of news you have read today *gets all teary-eyed*.

My colleague, As*wad says Obama’s speech (the last portion of it) tugged at his heartstrings. When I have the time, I shall read his speech too.

P/S: Tonight American Idol is on tv. Don’t miss it!

P/P/S: According to my pedometer, I took nearly 7,000 steps today. I walked and ran for 32 minutes this morning on the treadmill (warm up = 5 mins; switched between walking and running = every 1 min until minute 27; cool down – 5 mins). So that alone gave me about 3,838 steps. Cool eh? The daily number recommended by health experts is 10k steps. I got 7k. Not bad, not bad at all!