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Meanwhile, back at the ranch

It has been ages, I know. For that I apologise, folks.

My last post was 15 days ago. Needless to say, I had been up to many good and no goods since then 🙂

I went karaokeing with my husband and sister (on two separate occasions)

There is this new karaoke place in SA on the topmost floor of a nearby hotel. I promise you it’s not dodgy. In fact it’s quite clean as it is relatively new. It’s arguably one of the cheapest joints I have been to. If you are ever in town, do drop by. I mean, where else can you sing your heart out for only RM25 for TWO hours?

I had a lot of noodles

I recently discovered N00dle Stati0n. Its speciality is of course noodles but it serves Malaysianised Western food and goreng-goreng as well. But what got me hooked to the eatery is the more than two dozen types of hot and cold beverages on the menu. I recommend this one drink which is blue in colour and tastes like tasty cough syrup 🙂 Everything there is about RM6. Western food is slightly more expensive. The drinks, on the other hand, are rather pricey. They are also priced at RM6. But they come in tall glasses, so you can share the drink and split the cost.

I went to Ho Chi Minh City for 4 days and 3 nights

I’ve been to Hanoi before (last year) and was quite excited when I was sent to follow a group of 60+ college students on a study tour there. I really had fun because I had good company. We visited a local orphanage, did some sight-seeing around the city, visited local tertiary institutions, interacted with local students, shopped and tasted local delicacies.

I was proud of myself for being brave enough to try the local street food (equivalent to our gerai). It’s a pretty big deal for someone who is so anal about getting food poisoning (excuse the pun). When the host asked me if I’d like to try the local food, I had to grin and bare it. I don’t feel good about forcing everyone to follow my dietary regime. I know we’re supposed to follow our guts but in this case, I refuse to let my gut rule my life. I didn’t regret my decision at all. The grilled fish we had was so tasty and sweet and I loved the way they cooked the kangkong. Sedap!

So, moral of the story: high stakes, big reward.

P/S: I bought imitation canvas shoes which I simply adore for less than RM55. So happy 😀

I received lots of free books in the mailbox

I joined this online book swapping club called BookMooch recently. I sent two books to Singapore and Spain and have received two books so far from Spore. These are books that I have been meaning to buy but couldn’t afford — despite having book allowance. Well, you have to have some dough to buy the books before you can claim, right? Anyway, I’m happy that I got these books for free. I only spent about RM20 in stamps to send my two almost brand new books. I’m glad to report that my two recipients were happy with the condition of the books.

I received lots of items I bought online in the mailbox

These include my two tops, handbag and necklaces which I wear to death. I’m itching to make new purchases online. I saw a few nice tops and a pair of pants on cososo which I may just get. Free postage mah!

I’m sure I did a lot more than this but I can’t really remember. Besides, I’m kinda tired. Till next time neh…

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Hooked on you

I’m seriously hooked on online shopping. It’s so weird. These days, I actually find clothes and bags on the pages of an online boutique more appealing than the ones on the racks of actual stores!

I used to think that I need to touch and feel the items that I buy BEFORE I purchase them. But, I’ve been converted. I love the ease of paying via fund transfers. If you have a question about the product, assistance is just an email/phone call/IM away. No sales assistants tailing you while you browse the store. Ahhh… bliss!

So far, I have bought two tops online. I’m looking forward to the first top I bought from here which will be delivered to me right around my birthday. I’ve paid for it eons ago. It’s taking a while to be delivered because apparently, all the items sold on the website will be made upon receiving the order. I thought that was interesting. Can’t say I like the wait but never mind lah. The top I’m getting is worth the wait. (Unfortunately, I can’t find a picture of it on the website anymore. So I’ll just take a picture of it once I receive it).

Another top bought from here will be delivered to me early February (I hope). I just paid for it this morning, a few days past the deadline set for ordering. But the girls running the store were kind enough to pay for me first when I couldn’t meet the payment deadline. Now that is what I call good customer service! I had bought my first item from there — my green bag – offline (at a bazaar) and that entitled me to a 10 per cent discount on my next purchase (the top).

My third purchase will be a Chanel-inspired quilted bag from here. It will be a birthday gift to myself. I haven’t placed an order yet because I feel guilty buying the bag too early. If it’s going to be a birthday gift, it should arrive near my birthday. Otherwise, the excitement would be lost!

So yes, those are my past and future purchases via the world wide web. If you haven’t tried online shopping, you don’t know what you’re missing!

If you’re still hesitant, start with baby steps (something small, practical, that you won’t regret buying). I forgot to mention that my first online purchase was actually a bag organiser (something like this). I get frustrated when I change bags and discover that I had left certain things behind. So the organiser has these little pockets that can fit all my essentials (especially my girly kit for that time of the month). So when I next change my bag, I just transfer the organiser and not have to worry about anything. Now, I can’t live without it. It’s an affordable product that I really recommend.

On another note, I have been quite busy of late. Monday to Wednesday are going to be crazy from now on because I have two deadlines. Some of you may already know that I’m wearing two hats right now. Juggling two deadlines is tough especially when the two deal with different subjects. It’s like trying to cope with a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde persona. You’re already used to one personality and still getting a hang of the other. Yet it’s difficult to handle both because getting used to the new persona is consuming too much of your time and energy that the original one gets a little neglected. I don’t know if I’m making sense but that’s how I can describe my current situation is.

But life wouldn’t be interesting without curve balls thrown at you once in a while, right?

So I will take it in stride.

On that note, I shall wrap up this entry and go freshen up. Before I forget, I should let you know that I lost my perfect organiser (read two entries ago) but I shamelessly asked for a replacement and got it this morning. My life is perfect again!

Also, I took part in a treasure hunt, my team came in 17th out of 20th spot, won Rm50 and Rm200 in !kea vouchers (for coming out first in a karaoke contest after the hunt). I have a charmed life, I know 😛

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Curly Sue

I seriously have no idea on what to write. But I hate the idea of having “And 10,9,8….” as my most recent post.

So, I guess I’ll talk about the D&D. A lot of people wanted to know how my D&D went and whether I pulled off my rockabilly look. Well, let’s just say that things didn’t really go according to my plans.

First, I didn’t have a flat iron to curl my hair with, nor did I have a round brush. So my husband had to twist my curls with his fingers and set them with hairspray. The end product were curls that weren’t much different from my daily look.

But it didn’t really matter that I couldn’t recreate the 1940s bombshell look that I wanted. After seeing a picture of Kate Perry in a magazine donning a very cute Alice band, I decided that it was a more achievable look. So for all of you who didn’t know, I went to the D&D as a pseudo-Kate Perry 😛

As for my makeup, I memorised the youtube video that I saw and did the best that I could. Initially, I thought my makeup was bordering on garish. But, when I went to the ladies later that night, I checked out my reflection on the mirror and decided that I didn’t look too bad (if I do say so myself). In fact, someone said that I look adorable. Mind you, this is someone who doesn’t dish out compliments often. So, if she thought I looked adorable, then I must have 😛

The funny thing is, I didn’t take a single picture using my own camera. I had to take my own picture at home. Sad right?

As far as the lucky draw was concerned, I wasn’t extremely lucky in that department either. I got a pensonic rice cooker — how exciting is that?! But I guess I shouldn’t complain. At least I came back with something. Some people didn’t win anything at all.

But I think my lucky streak is coming back. Last night I went to the british council media night and got a 1g pen drive. Ok, that’s not terribly exciting but everyone could use an extra data storage device right? Today at my kumon assignment, I got two 2g thumbdrives. How cool is that? Plus they served us tempura set in bentos!! I love Japanese food. I couldn’t believe my luck!!!

Besides that, I think my curly hair totally rocked today. The secret? Shampoo + conditioner + Ellips hair vitamin + sunsilk damage repair leave on lotion + no combing = natural “thermal wave/curl”. I swear by Ellips hair vitamin.

I started using it when I was looking for an alternative to my regular conditioner for my trip to HK. My sister-in-law liked it a lot so I decided to try it myself. Bringing it to HK sounded like a good idea because I wouldn’t have to worry about it being confiscated because I had excedeed my 1 litre liquid in my hand luggage quota.

Picture courtesy of

It comes in capsules that look like ‘blisters’. The content is greasy but when you apply to damp hair, the greasiness goes away. When your hair dries, it becomes conditioned, not oily or lank. It’s good for my curls especially when I pair it with a leave on conditioner. It makes them very bouncy. Best of all, 1 “blister” capsule is enough to cover my thin, medium length hair.

I think this product has won Cleo’s best product category at least once before. And a lot of people who have tried it liked the result they got. It’s quite cheap too — only RM4.75 for six capsules. But I think it’s more economical to buy it in bottles.

I think I’ll buy the bottle after I finish the six capsules. I think it’s available at Watsons and Apple Green pharmacies.

As much as I love my natural curl, I think I could use a curling iron. I saw a few youtube videos on how to curl your hair and I’m convinced that MTV-type curls can only be achieved with a curling thong. So, that’s going on my Xmas/birthday wish list 🙂

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Another D&D inspiration

I can’t believe the D&D is two days away!!

When I saw this poster the other day, I knew that this was the look I wanted to copy. I know that my hair is a little short to pull off this look right now but I’m not about to let length (or the lack of it) stop me from trying!

As it turns out, I can’t wear my red shoes because my dress has blue trimmings. So I’ll have to go for blue shoes and bag instead. But I’m still doing the red, glossy lips and wavy hair. False eyelashes is also a definite must to complete this look.

My plan on Friday is to run to the hairdressers during sembahyang jumaat, somewhere out of bangsar preferably because I know I’ll have to compete with god knows how many women from the office if I were to go to my usual “haunts”.

Then I’ll get husband’s colleague to help me put on the falsies and eye makeup before I leave for the dinner. How’s that? Sounds like a plan eh? Well, hope it works!

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All you can eat weekend

Looks like it’s going to be a weekend of eating, eating and eating.

It started with my friend, Shah’s 30th birthday bash on Thursday. It was a cosy get-together. He had some food catered but many of the guests brought their own. It was almost a pot luck affair. Some of them brought triffles, roast chicken, creme puffs etc. I loved the white chocolate birthday cake. Normally, I hate white chocolate because it’s too sweet. But this one was different. It had almond in it and it was not sweet at all. Just perfect!

The venue was our friend Sh3gar’s boutique-cum-office. He’s trying to develop his own clothing line and already has, at least, two local celebrity clients – both girls have been VJs and are top local actresses. As the office is quite new, he hasn’t come round to fixing the prices on his clothes. I told him that his designs are something that I would definitely wear. If they’re not too expensive, I would definitely buy em 🙂

To burn off all the calories I consumed from the party, I went to the gym and had a good 40-minute walk/climb/run on the treadmill. I think this is the perfect routine for me because although “switching gears” is hard but it made the time fly by. Before I knew it, I was already on my 35th minute!

I discovered one trick to distract me while I’m running, especially when I’m not listening to the iPod – play games on the treadmill. By that I mean as I run, I make a square. One second I’m on the left side of the conveyor’s belt and another I’m on the right. It’s like I’m running in a zig zag motion. I found that although I was on a relatively comfortable speed, I exerted more energy just to keep up. Whatever it takes to get my heart rate up, yeah?

After the cardio, I did some squats, walking lunges, sit ups on the exercise ball and threw some punches with a 5-pound dumbell on each hand. Just moves that I remember reading from my health magazines.

Right after gym, I had a shower and met my husband who played three rounds of volleyball on the rooftop. After both of us were done, we went straight to my husband’s cousin’s place. An@s (the cousin) had a going away party/kenduri doa selamat. He and his wife, A1re3n will be leaving for Istanbul on the 12th as he will be doing a three-year dentistry postgraduate course there. Istanbul is also where his parents-in-law are. His FIL is the malaysian ambassador there, if I’m not mistaken. I think by the time they come back to KL, they would have had a kid or two 🙂 Insya-Allah.

Just this afternoon, his uncle of his had a housewarming party. I’m still stuffed from the beriyani and ayam masak merah.

I suppose tomorrow we will be eating in. But since Mak Na (his aunt) and her husband, Uncle J0hn and two children – Ad@m and B3n, are down here from New Castle, mom-in-law is sure to have some dinner plans. 

Now usually all this eating would make my stomach go haywire. But since I started taking DigestAid, I have had little to no problem. The only uncomfortable side effect is the flatulence. Either I’m farting all the time or I’m having difficulties passing wind. But that beats needing to urgently pass motion. It’s one evil or the other, I guess. Remember, beggars can’t be choosers!

But I think I’m going to try to substitute my DigestAid pills which contains papaya and pineapple enzymes for the real thing – papaya and pineapple fruits. Like on Friday, I missed breakfast, so I took a long piece of papaya just before lunch. After lunch, I took a pill. The surprise was, I was fine. No stomach cramps and urgent need to go to the toilet. Success!

I think Princess wants to do dinner on Monday. More eating! But I must reconfirm with her. So, later!

P/S: I have Rihanna’s Take A Bow minus one. Next singing contest, I’m singing Rihanna for sure 😛

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Tis the season to… buy new undies

I was doing the laundry just now (okay, I was actually sorting out clothes to send to the laundromat) and had a good look at my current collection of bras and panties. One thought came to mind: I really need to go undies shopping.

The last time I went bra/panty shopping, I spent close to RM80 for about five pieces of la_senza undies without my husband’s knowledge. He still doesn’t know how much they REALLY cost. I would have gotten an earful from him (who pays about RM10 for three pairs of boxers). Well, he doesn’t need to know EVERYTHING.

Anyway, I told my husband about my dire need for new lingerie and he agreed that “we’d go bra shopping at la_senza” next time he gets paid (which is about next weekend).

I remember writing in my blog some time back about the drawbacks of la_senza bras. I’m not too thrilled about the straps. BUT the cups fit well and most importantly, my bras haven’t gone out of shape or look dated after numerous washes. Eg: the straps of my push bra are adorned with little diamentes. None has fallen off since I bought them.

I know that if I want them to last, I’m not suppose to machine wash them. But honestly, who has the time? (Not me!) It’s good enough that I hand wash my undies, ok? Anyway, I put my bras in a laundry net bag whenever I machine wash ’em, and that is supposed to protect them or something.

Since I have about a week more before I go lingerie shopping, I was hoping to hear from you guys about your favourite brand of lingerie. What brand is filling your bra and panties drawers? Why that brand? And where can I find this brand?

I’d like to keep my option open. I’m alright with la_senza but surely there are other equally good/better brands out there? Personally, I’ve tried brands like Audrey, Wacoal and Triumph but I wasn’t really impressed. Either they lose their shape waaay too fast or they fit awful on me. However, I have never tried anything from Blush!, xixili or any other brands, though. Maybe you have and that’s why I want to hear from you.

Later people!

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Not for any amount of haute couture

I finally saw The Dev!l Wears Pr@da. I don’t know about getting Andrea’s job but I’d kill for her clothes 🙂

I now know why the movie is such a hit in the cinemas. It’s so hilarious! Having said that, I think it’s such a sad and touching movie as well.

I cried when Andie tearily apologised to M!randa about not being able to get her a flight to NYC from Miami. I shifted uneasily as Andie was given a lecture for “not caring” about her job. I felt her dejection when her boyfriend refused to talk to her for missing his birthday party. Throughout the entire 3 hours – yeah, it was THAT long – I WAS Andrea!

Jokes aside, TDWP made me question a lot about my values. How far would I go to chase after my dreams? Would I have lasted long enough under (an impossibly) demanding boss like M!randa? Would I have worked my butt off just to prove her wrong? Would I have said yes to a business trip to Paris even if it meant losing a friend? And would I actually wear that hideous green Ch@nel outfit (or any of the outfits Andy wore) if I knew I had to take the train to work?

I think I would never have lasted a week as “the new Emily”. It’s probably because I’m not ambitious enough. I’d quit even before M!randa could fire me. I’d love to go Paris but not at the expense of someone else, especially not a friend. Nope, not for any amount of haute couture.

Anyway, it’s late and I have to make some very important decisions for tomorrow.

So what will it be? Skirt or pants? What would Andy Sachs choose? *wink*