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Pop dream

Some of you might know that I sing as a hobby. But most might not realise that I have a YouTube channel which is very active of late.

I think I began uploading videos of myself singing cover versions circa 2007. At the time, I had my favourite Nokia phone which had two cameras and recorded quality videos and audio β€” but I dropped it in front of the office without realising it one day and it was gone 😦

My channel went on a hiatus for a while after that because I couldn’t find a good camera to record with. I ruled out web cams because they are horrible for recording YouTube videos. The visual and audio quality is unpredictable; you just don’t know how your videos are going to turn out.

It’s a good thing that my husband and I got the Sony Nex5 recently because it is not only a good digital slr camera but also an excellent video recorder as it records in High Definition.

And this time around, I have my husband to play the guitar for me so that I don’t need to rely on instrumental/minus one and have more room to add my interpretation to a popular song.

My channel doesn’t have thousands of subscribers yet. Sure, one video has had close to 3,000 views β€” only because I linked it to a popular video and it has been there for three years.

But getting thousands of views was not my aim when I set up the channel. It’s all just for fun; something that my husband and I can do together in our spare time.

I don’t want to say much because I’d rather the music speak for itself. So I’ll leave you with one of the videos that we recently recorded. Enjoy!

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American Idol, sing

Who will win?

I thought I’d do a running commentary on Asian Idol as I watch it right now, live, on 8TV (Malaysian channel).

Jac just performed. Although she sounded good (as she always does), I thought the performance was not up to expectation. It lacked that oomph. Paul Moss told this right to her face. And here, he kept it real with Hady Mirza as well – telling him that he’ll struggle vocal-wise against the others (ouch!). I think Paul aims to channel Simon Cowell tonight πŸ˜›

I thought Hady Mirza’s song was nice but boring for such a competition. Personally, Jac chose the wrong song again. She has a knack for doing that in international competitions.

Okay, the Vietnamese Idol, Phuong Vy, is singing now. She looks good and she has a big voice, plus very high self-esteem. Is she any good? Not with song, I am afraid. Maybe it’s the wrong song choice. The song is too big for her and she’s drowning in her own voice. But, as I expected even before Phuong Vy opened her mouth that, Paul Moss has good things to say about her. He always has a soft spot for young girls of Chinese-descent.

And now Philippines Idol is singing this very dramatic Tagalog song. I love her makeup but not so much her dress. The sleeve is weird. I don’t think this song is doing her voice any justice either. It’s too 1980s Bintang RTM for me – right down to her dress! I wonder what Paul Moss has to say about Mau. Anu Malik is telling her that this is the first confident entrance by the contestant. Simon… oops I mean Paul told her that she didn’t see the magic that Mau is famous for in her youtube videos. He said her performance was too controlled and she didn’t let her voice soar – which I agree 100% with. Looks like Paul is the only judge who, in the words of Randy American Idol, “keeping it real”.

Indian Idol, Abijheet Sawant is singing Everything I Do (I Do It For You). It’s such a cliche song choice but with his voice, it is working (strangely enough). I think he’s quite smart for choosing this sing-along song, which Indonesian judge Adi Putra pointed out. It was boring, I’ll give Ken Lim (Spore Idol judge) that but it worked. I think Abijheet had just garnered himself a couple of hundreds more fans. Fans were singing along without being asked, so what does that tell you?

Next is Indonesian Idol, Mike Mohede. I can’t wait!
The Philippines judge said it all: Mike has a voice which can make people fall in love. His performance was pitchy here and there but overall, it was a good song, good performance. Mike an entertainer? Not so sure. But who cares eh?

Maureen is back on stage singing Reach by Gloria Estefan. She had just related her sad story growing up and how Idol changed her life for the better. I suppose all the Idols have their fair share of “sufferings”. I expected more from this girl but this song isn’t doing it for her either. Oh wait, she had just made it better. But it’s a little it late in the song isn’t it? I don’t know. I think it wasn’t enough.

And Miss Popular aka Vietnamese Idol is back singing a love song in her mother tongue. She really knows how to work her charm. I think she can make a good beauty pageant contestant. Notice how I’m not commenting on her singing? That says it all about her vocal prowess (or lack of). You know you didn’t do too well when the judge says you look beautiful to soften the blow of her next comment πŸ˜›

Hardy Mirza sang U2’s song. He sounded alright. Of course Paul had to drum into his head, again, that he’s just an average singer πŸ˜›

Jac’s performance came and went. It was good (typically Jac) but I think the Singapore judge made a very good observation about Jac not fully enjoying the experience of singing her winning song.

Abhijeet’s performance was interesting and I loved his adlib-ing. Very the Bollywood. And now Mike’s back on stage belting out I Believe I Can Fly. He sounds great with that voice and adlib-ing of his. But he’s not exactly Elliott Yamin. No one comes close to Elliott! Speaking of Elliott, Soul Patrol aka Do I Make You Proud guy Taylor Hicks is singing tomorrow. I wish it was Elliott instead! But I suppose it’d be too much for him to travel 3 times to this part of the world.

And that was it for Asian Idol. Tomorrow is the results show. Til then!

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You do dangerous things when you’re bored

I’ve officially joined 10,000 milion other shower singers in posting a video of their own rendition of a popular song on youtube. Yes, I’m quite shameless πŸ˜›

But, hey, it’s all in the name of fun. Some people are great makeup artists and some are great musicians. Me? My little talent is in singing. I’m no American Idol material though. Otherwise, I’d have quit my job a long time ago hehehehe

Enjoy my vid. And oh, don’t hurt your neck watching the vid. Just close your eyes and enjoy the song πŸ™‚

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The best 6-year-old singer I have heard so far

Connie Talbot, Britain’s Got Talent finalist, sings Over The Rainbow

You absolutely must watch this video.

I watched this video one morning at the office and I cried – much like the female judge in this show – when I heard Connie Talbot sing. I was so moved by her singing. Her rendition of this classic sounded so honest, pure and innocent to me.

I still get teary eyed every time I watch this video.

I happened to see it the same morning the newspaper announced that Nurin was the girl in the gym bag.

So, I dedicate this – along with my prayers and Al-Fatihah – to her.

Semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat Allah. Amin.

P/S: Check this out – about Connie Talbot. For the actual article, click here

Mrs Talbot, who bought her daughter a karaoke machine because the family could not afford singing lessons, also revealed that Connie only discovered she could sing in tragic circumstances – when her grandmother, Violet, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“When her grandma was really ill in bed, Connie used to sing the DVD to the Wizard of Oz to her, to cheer her up.

“It was her grandmother who first told me, ‘She’s really good, you know'”.

Following her grandmother’s death two years ago, at the age of 72, Connie sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow at the funeral.

“Her grandmother would have been so proud,” Mrs Talbot added. “She had her fortune told years ago and was told her she was going to have a famous grandchild – maybe that’s Connie.”

Even Simon is impressed with her.

“This girl is just special,” Cowell told the Mail last night. “I have never felt such a powerful silence in my life as when Connie sang. It was pure magic.

“She’s all over the world at the moment, this girl – she’s the number one clip on YouTube, for instance – and that’s a worldwide number one.

“She’s got a wonderful opportunity here and I’ll make a prediction that Connie will sell more records than Joss Stone this year.

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This is weird.

Dexter and Deedee are sleeping earlier than me. As I write this, Deedee is curled up at her favourite spot – the roller ball – on the first floor, whereas Dexter is on the ground floor sleeping next to the food container. Hmmm… I thought hamsters sleep during the day??

Anyways, I am tired but not sleepy yet. Just came back from bant1ng where my husband spent the entire time babying the pet monkey his cousin’s uncle keeps. They named the monkey (kera) Bu/sh after Ge0rge Bu/sh. He’s the cutest little thing. He’s less than six-months-old I think and is absolutely manja. He is so childlike and by that I mean like a human child. He gets upset if he thinks that my husband is leaving his side and insists of literally hanging on to him. So by the time we came back to SA, both of us smelled of monkey and by that I mean of mild BO. It’s true! That’s the only way I can describe the smell of a monkey.

So both of us duly showered to get rid of the “stench” once we got home.

It has been a long day because we’ve been out of the house since noon. We went to the family carnival organised by B/H and had fun. They cancelled the married couple karaoke contest because the organisers were running out of time. I just wished they had made official announcement to inform that it has been cancelled, though. But I’m glad I went to the family carnival because I got to see performances by An1ta Swk, M1sha 0mar and Datuk S1t1 Nurhal1za. An1ta or kak n1ta as she is fondly known amongst her fans is so small in person. She has the figure of a girl in her late teens/early 20s, I kid you not. And she is what… 65?

I’m glad I got to see M1sha 0mar perform live for the first time. I really love her voice. But I thought she chose the wrong song to perform. She should have sung Nafas Cahaya after she did Berdua Lebih Baik, that Indonesian number, instead of Ku Seru the sequel to her famous Pulangkan. The song is too slow for a family carnival.

And it is also nice to see S1t1 Nurhalz1za perform. She looked AND sounded great. She sang her Siti Situ Sana Sini, followed by a number written by Yassin and duetted with our topmost boss on My Heart.

Speaking of duets, BH’s big boss duetted with the vile Maw1 on the song Lagu Cinta. Yes, all our bosses are gila glamour great singers. Seeing Mae1 needing “high” security made me want to hurl. Like, please lah! But people were crowding him so I don’t blame the fella. But his popularity was clearly overshadowed by S1t1 because people were literally crowding the stage to take pictures as she sang. People only crowded around Maw1 AFTER he sang. So what do you think of that Maw1? Still think you’re the biggest thing in Msia?

Hehehe… Emosional pulak πŸ˜›

So that was basically my Sunday.

P/S: Deedee and Dexter must have been sleep walking because now they’ve moved spot (on the same levels which they were on earlier) and they are back to sleep again.

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Call me karaoke queen

Why? Because I’ve made a vow to enter all the amateur karaoke contest (especially for media) that I can πŸ˜›

After the NPC-D1g1 contest which I entered last month — in which I won third place 😦 — I signed up for another competition taking place tomorrow. BH is organising its family carnival in conjunction with its 50th anniversary tomorrow and they are organising lots of activities for the entire family. One of them is the husband-and-wife karaoke contest πŸ˜› I have no idea what the prizes are (I hope it’s cash and lots of them) but I had convinced my husband that we must, absolutely must enter. When I signed up, there were only about three or four other couples. I think they’re looking for 10.

BH family carnival

It’s funny though because no one called us to reconfirm the details, although I had left our details in the form. All I know is that the contest starts at 2pm. So, we’d better leave the house tomorrow just before noon. We’re probably going to sing Jangan Ada Dusta, a duet by Broery Marantika and Dewi Yull. It’s a slow ballad which is not so hard on the larynx – because husband can’t really hit the high notes – and soothing to the ear.

Well that is tomorrow.

Last night, I entered a contest during the Gold3n Hop3 media night and won…(drum roll please) first place! Woohoo! I got a RM500 JJ shopping voucher. Not bad eh?

Golden Hope

Two years ago, I entered the same contest, got second place and won RM700 worth of shopping vouchers. Nampaknya, nilai hadiahnya sudah merosot. But at least I got RM500. Who is going to give me that much cash to shop, right?

I don’t have anything specific to shop for. Maybe I’ll buy something frivolous with it like clothes πŸ˜› I heard JJ is having a sale now. Can I say perfect timing?

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A falling star:P

I just read in another wordpress blog about Beyonce falling of the stairs during a performance [For the video, click here]. Apparently, she fell right smack on her face. I haven’t seen the video meself but I assume it was just like how Jacklyn Victor (first Malaysian idol) did during (the taping of) a show on RTM. Haven’t seen that one? Check back with me and I’ll see if I can hook you up to the video. Husband has it.

Back to Bey. Well, according to this news report, she had appealed to the public NOT to Youtube her falling on her face. When her plea fell on deaf ears, Sony stepped in and did what they HAD to do. [Search for “Beyonce falls” on Youtube to see what Sony did.]

Other bloggers have expressed that this was a B-A-D move and I agree. It’s not your private home video Bey, so people are free to circulate it if they want to.

And I sincerely believe that MORE people want to see the video AFTER she made the appeal. You’re world-famous girl, so naturally everyone wants to see you “fall from grace”. If Australian prime minister’s John Howard’s fall was shown on the news, what makes you immune? *In Howard’s case, he didn’t notice the uneven pavement on the entrance of the radio station where he was to be interviewed and tripped*

But I think know why she made the appeal. She is a self-proclaimed perfectionist and she probably views her fall – although a perfectly human thing to do – as a blot on her CV.

Relax lah. You should be thankful it is not porn. I have fallen in public too – twice or more – tak kecoh pun! *lol*

So just chill girl! The novelty WILL wear off. Before you know it, no one would even remember it.