It Feels Good to Be Me

A few days ago, I got my bonus. My performance review for 2017 was lower than the year before, so I expected to get a lower bonus payout this year. Still, that did not prepare me adequately for the moment that I checked my bank account.

Perhaps it is because I had banked on this bonus to fund my belated birthday and anniversary celebration trip to Tokyo with my husband in May. So, when the statement showed a figure lesser than what I received last year, my heart sank.

For a while, I was mad at myself for being ungrateful. Why was I upset when there was still a substantial amount in my bank account? Truth be told, it is a 5-figure amount. It is more than my monthly pay, for sure. Yet, I was upset that it was lesser than before.

Thankfully, I snapped myself out of self-pity mode and focused on what I have. I am grateful that I have a job that even affords me a performance bonus. Some people do not have this benefit; some people do not even have a job. I know deep in my heart that this is my rezeki (allocation). Yes, my superiors decided that I deserved that much, but really it is Allah who made it possible. Whatever amount that I received is what I deserve and what Allah has determined for me.

I would rather receive this amount plus an endless source of rezeki in the form of money, opportunities, free time, ease, comfort, being surrounded by compassionate people who genuinely care about me and all the good stuff than to be blessed with, say, eight month’s bonus which is followed by a series of unfortunate events.

I have faith in Allah that for as long as I remain true to my myself, a loyal servant to Allah, kind, compassionate, loving, understanding, supportive, magnanimous, etc, I will continue to be blessed and protected by Allah.

This realisation really cheered me up. I feel so much better now. I am genuinely happy. I believe I am in a good place right now. I am grateful and contented. Tomorrow is another day and opportunity to try again and keep on pursuing my destiny.

I have my flight tickets and accommodation paid. I am just waiting for my EXO-CBX ticket to materialise. I am confident that there is a good seat at Yokohama Arena waiting for me, with my name on it. I am confident about the future because I know Allah will always provide for me and my family for as long as we remain faithful in our worship.

It really feels good to be me right now 🙂




Today’s Affirmation:

I deserve to have loving and positive people around me including family members, friends, colleagues and superiors. I accept them into my life now!


Gratitude | 16 July 2017

  1. Woke up at 5 a.m.
  2. Solat Subuh, Zohor, Asar, Isyak.
  3. Meditated (Positive Thinking Meditation & The River of Time).
  4. Did laundry.
  5. Ate Dominos (lunch) & KFC (dinner).
  6. Watched a few episodes of CSI Vegas, Undercover Boss and Celebrity Family Feud.
  7. Read up on Margin.
  8. Watched D.O’s teaser.

Own It!

I just signed up for a free online course on Time Ownership. By completing this week-long course, I will – among other things – have greater clarity on my values, overcome procrastination, yet have time for all the things that are important to me.

So, the first email asked me to answer 3 questions:

  1. What is my biggest challenge when it comes to Time Ownership?

    Mindfulness. I tend to think about work when I’m home and vice versa. If I can be fully present at work and at home, I think I would have better ownership of my time.

  2. Why do you want better control of your time?

    I feel like my time isn’t mine. I constantly feel like I’m trading time for money, which means I have a tendency to focus on work when I should be focusing on myself and my family. I have a tendency to allow work anxieties to bully me into prioritising work. I end up resenting work when I do love it and find fulfilment through it. But if I’m being completely honest, I do feel like a slave to work 80% of the time. I also have this limiting belief that having a well-paying job will not allow me to have a life.

  3. What are your top 3 values (what matters to you)? Is there a disconnect between your current behaviour and those 3 values?

    My top 3 values are myself, my family and my career. I won’t say that there is a disconnect but rather there is a competition between these priorities. Priority No 3 tends to dominate Priorities number 1 and 2.

    I look forward to the next email and learning more about Time Ownership. I know that I always have a choice. No one is pointing a gun to my head to carry on living the way that I do, especially if I am unhappy with the situation. I may not have complete control of the situation but I do have control of how I respond to those situations. I hope to learn to have better responses to them.


Work It!

I am always looking for new affirmations to recite during my morning commute. Recent events at work made me focus on work and relationships at the office.

I found two websites which have pretty good affirmations. I’m copying and pasting them below for easy reference.


  1. It is easy for me to keep a positive attitude at my job
  2. I always have at my disposal all the patience I need
  3. I am peaceful with whatever happens at work
  4. I now choose to look at the positive aspects that my job has
  5. I communicate easily with everyone
  6. I add positive value to the work I produce
  7. It is fun for me to complete my tasks on time
  8. I am grateful for the job I have and all the possibilities it gives me
  9. I contribute positively to the environment at work
  10. I appreciate all facilities I have at my work place
  11. I know exactly how to plan and execute my work
  12. Everyone at my work place benefits from my positive attitude
  13. I release all my negative thoughts about my current job
  14. It is a joy for me to help others at work
  15. Every day I strive to do a good job
  16. I appreciate all that I have learned through my job
  17. I have the power to bring in a positive attitude at work daily

(Source: The Benefits of Positive Thinking) I am always enjoying myself at

  1. I find it easy to keep a positive attitude in regards to work
  2. I am always enjoying myself at work
  3. I am confident
  4. I am happiest when I put my soul into my work*
  5. I enjoy going to work
  6. I am good at my job
  7. I find it easy to get along with my work colleagues
  8. I always look forward to going to work
  9. I am just naturally motivated and driven
  10. I effortlessly get through my work day

*Edited to suit my context

(Source: Free

Sometimes, saying these affirmations, even silently in my head, sounds cheesy. My trick is to say it in my best British accent impersonation to make it sound regal. ROTFL! For some reason, it sounds more serious and I believe my affirmations better. Law of Attraction is all about genuine feeling. You need to truly believe for it to work. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


A Good Day Starts the Night Before

By now, I have an established morning Law of Attraction (LoA) routine. However, I tend to forget to end the day with a night routine. I’m working on it and I think this video helps.

It makes sense to have a nightly LoA routine because a good day starts the night before. While you should use moments shortly after you wake up to cite affirmations (such as while showering and getting ready for work), why not take that few extra steps the night before to visualise a successful day. As always, don’t forget to thank God for a blessed day (behaving as if) and all the blessings that you already have in your life.

I truly believe that Allah, God, the Universe or whatever higher power you believe in, does not condone nor reward “careless” behaviour. For instance, if you receive abundance and you’re not thankful for it, your abundance will be temporary. So, that is why showing your gratitude through your actions is key. If you’re a Muslim, you need to strive to pray five times a day to show your gratitude. Praying does not make you “religious”, it simply makes you Muslim because it is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Trust me, praying is life-changing, and this article is a testament to it.


Abundance Comes from Frugality

I can’t recall where I read or heard this, but I remember being told that abundance comes to those who know how to use it wisely and sparingly. It appears that Allah will reward you for managing your wealth wisely.

If you are wasteful and careless in your expenditure, chances are you will not receive abundance. At best, your abundance state will be temporary or short-lived.

At the surface, this may seem to contradict the Law of Attraction. Those who subscribe to this law will tell you that you shouldn’t operate from a mindset of lack because that will attract or perpetuate even more lack.

But by that same logic, wastefulness begets wastefulness. So no matter how much abundance you receive, spending carelessly will make you constantly un-abundant. As with everything, you need to exercise responsibility for whatever you receive. I refuse to accept that any higher power will reward bad behaviour. All actions have repercussions. Good begets good. Bad begets bad.

So, if you want abundance in your life, you need to have an abundant mindset. You need to give more in order to receive more. “Give more” is not the same as “spend more”, which tends to be spending on yourself. If anything, the Law of Attraction is all about being selfless, wise and responsible. Insya-Allah, you will receive true abundance.