Work It!

I am always looking for new affirmations to recite during my morning commute. Recent events at work made me focus on work and relationships at the office.

I found two websites which have pretty good affirmations. I’m copying and pasting them below for easy reference.


  1. It is easy for me to keep a positive attitude at my job
  2. I always have at my disposal all the patience I need
  3. I am peaceful with whatever happens at work
  4. I now choose to look at the positive aspects that my job has
  5. I communicate easily with everyone
  6. I add positive value to the work I produce
  7. It is fun for me to complete my tasks on time
  8. I am grateful for the job I have and all the possibilities it gives me
  9. I contribute positively to the environment at work
  10. I appreciate all facilities I have at my work place
  11. I know exactly how to plan and execute my work
  12. Everyone at my work place benefits from my positive attitude
  13. I release all my negative thoughts about my current job
  14. It is a joy for me to help others at work
  15. Every day I strive to do a good job
  16. I appreciate all that I have learned through my job
  17. I have the power to bring in a positive attitude at work daily

(Source: The Benefits of Positive Thinking) I am always enjoying myself at

  1. I find it easy to keep a positive attitude in regards to work
  2. I am always enjoying myself at work
  3. I am confident
  4. I am happiest when I put my soul into my work*
  5. I enjoy going to work
  6. I am good at my job
  7. I find it easy to get along with my work colleagues
  8. I always look forward to going to work
  9. I am just naturally motivated and driven
  10. I effortlessly get through my work day

*Edited to suit my context

(Source: Free

Sometimes, saying these affirmations, even silently in my head, sounds cheesy. My trick is to say it in my best British accent impersonation to make it sound regal. ROTFL! For some reason, it sounds more serious and I believe my affirmations better. Law of Attraction is all about genuine feeling. You need to truly believe for it to work. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


A Good Day Starts the Night Before

By now, I have an established morning Law of Attraction (LoA) routine. However, I tend to forget to end the day with a night routine. I’m working on it and I think this video helps.

It makes sense to have a nightly LoA routine because a good day starts the night before. While you should use moments shortly after you wake up to cite affirmations (such as while showering and getting ready for work), why not take that few extra steps the night before to visualise a successful day. As always, don’t forget to thank God for a blessed day (behaving as if) and all the blessings that you already have in your life.

I truly believe that Allah, God, the Universe or whatever higher power you believe in, does not condone nor reward “careless” behaviour. For instance, if you receive abundance and you’re not thankful for it, your abundance will be temporary. So, that is why showing your gratitude through your actions is key. If you’re a Muslim, you need to strive to pray five times a day to show your gratitude. Praying does not make you “religious”, it simply makes you Muslim because it is one of the five pillars of Islam.

Trust me, praying is life-changing, and this article is a testament to it.


Abundance Comes from Frugality

I can’t recall where I read or heard this, but I remember being told that abundance comes to those who know how to use it wisely and sparingly. It appears that Allah will reward you for managing your wealth wisely.

If you are wasteful and careless in your expenditure, chances are you will not receive abundance. At best, your abundance state will be temporary or short-lived.

At the surface, this may seem to contradict the Law of Attraction. Those who subscribe to this law will tell you that you shouldn’t operate from a mindset of lack because that will attract or perpetuate even more lack.

But by that same logic, wastefulness begets wastefulness. So no matter how much abundance you receive, spending carelessly will make you constantly un-abundant. As with everything, you need to exercise responsibility for whatever you receive. I refuse to accept that any higher power will reward bad behaviour. All actions have repercussions. Good begets good. Bad begets bad.

So, if you want abundance in your life, you need to have an abundant mindset. You need to give more in order to receive more. “Give more” is not the same as “spend more”, which tends to be spending on yourself. If anything, the Law of Attraction is all about being selfless, wise and responsible. Insya-Allah, you will receive true abundance.


Expect the Best and Get It

I have been reading a highly insightful book this past few weeks. It’s called The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr Norman Vincent Peale, which I picked up from Bangsar Village II’s Borders Express bookstore.

I bought it because the summary on the back cover said it was released pre-The Secret era. A book that (may have) inspired the phenomenon? I had to pick it up!

I just finished Chapter 7: Expect the Best and Get It and it’s probably my favourite one so far. I have read about the concept of “acting as if” (behaving as if you already have what you want) before, but I never fully grasped it until now. The idea is simple: if you expect the day to be wonderful, (chances are) it will be. Expect everything to go south, and the day may just be as dreadful as you imagined.

After reading the chapter, I tried some of the tips on myself. The author provided many Christian-based affirmations, so I worked around that. I think things have turned out well for me.

In the morning, as I walk to the train station or to the office, I silently repeat affirmations such as:

  • I expect the day to be nothing less than wonderful.
  • I expect myself to be more kind, compassionate, loving, understanding, supportive, magnanimous and selfless today. I expect to receive the same from others today because I attract what I give.
  • I expect meetings to be short and sweet yet productive.
  • I expect today to be filled with laughter, merriment, happiness, forgiveness, closeness, love.
  • And so on. You get the drift.

The verdict?

I did have a great day today. It was filled with laughter, love, support, kindness, merriment, forgiveness, appreciation. There were probably some sad things about today too, but I was too busy focusing on the things that did work out as I had expected.

By expecting the best for me, I end up having plenty to be thankful for.

  • For the first time in many months, my bank balance is much more that it ever was at the end of the month. I did expect to save up some pocket money for the trip to Seoul in November and I’m happy it is working out as planned.
  • I have been receiving lots of lunch treats lately.
  • I’ve got a seat on the train all the way to and from work far more times than I had to stand this past two weeks.
  • I’m discovering great music on Spotify through some random playlist and I have truly enjoyed the new songs I chance upon.

There is a part of me that is cynical of this whole “Expect and You Shall Receive” philosophy. But if there is truth in the concept of “self-fulfilling prophecy”, then we might as well expect things to go well instead of to go badly. If things go badly when we expect it, why not expect the best?

So, wake up each morning and expect for your day to go well, smoothly, beautifully. No harm done.


Press Reset

If you’ve been following my previous posts, you will know that I have been very mindful about keeping a positive mindset. Throughout the day, I focus on sending and attracting love, kindness, compassion, etc. It has been working well to the point that my husband noticed my zen state and even commented on it.

But life has a habit of throwing the wrench in the works. Last Thursday and Friday were particularly challenging for me. In a span of two days, I had to pick up someone else’s mess, got an earful from my superior, and was bugged endlessly by a particular “client”. As much as I know that I need to be patient, and be the bigger person – to attract the same – I struggled to keep the fantasy of punching someone in the face or restrain myself from being snappy, sarcastic and combative.

It was also around this time that a good friend who has been having a hard time at work asked me if “the Universe” is giving her a taste of her own medicine for something she did in the past. Going by all the literature that I’ve read on the subject of “Law of Attraction”, we attract what we give out. What you give, you get back. Karma. Going by that logic, the hard times that we experience are our own doing – knowingly or unknowingly.

Truth be told, I don’t know if “bad” things that happen to us are meant to be lessons or punishment. But I do know that things happen for a reason.

In this case, I choose to press the “reset” button. Law of Attraction tells you to forgive yourself, release the past and start fresh. So, I choose to press that reset button and start new. I choose to look at things from the lense of “love”. That means, I pick to see the silver lining, to see the glass as half full instead of half empty.

Perhaps those “bad things” are opportunities for us to rise to the challenge. An opportunity to be the bigger person rather than the person who insists on winning and being right. What if our stock of pahala is diminishing and being patient with so-called difficult people is our chance to win that pahala lottery? Shouldn’t we hang on a little longer, then?

As my favourite quote goes: “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it”. Hardship does not need to be a burden if you look at it differently. Sure, this is easier said than done. But you know what? Nothing worth chasing is ever easy.

So I’m going to take my own advise and apply what I have learned through all my reading. The moment that person or situation gives you grief, pause, take a deep breath and press reset. Acknowledge the issue you are facing, forgive yourself and the “offending party”, and press reset.

Instead of cursing the person, istighfar and send them love or “doa” yang baik-baik. In the privacy of your own mind, imagine their faces, imagine holding their hands, looking them in the eye and feeling the satisfaction of being the bigger person for forgiving them. Imagine their jaws agape as they stand there speechless because never in a million years did they expect you to forgive them. When you forgive them, you take away their power over you. Isn’t that satisfying?

So, I’m going to take my own advise and do this. Every time I feel like bashing someone in the head, I’ll remember to press pause and reset.



You Seem Calm These Days

Every morning, my husband would drop me off at the LRT station. I would give him a peck on the cheek before I get out of the car.

This morning, before I could give him my goodbye kiss, he told me that I seem very relaxed these days. That I don’t seem tense at all.

I was so amused by what he said that I ended up leaving my phone in the car! LOL.

I only realised it when I wanted to whip out my phone from my bag to read the Quran and also to blog about what he said. I was about to panic, but I calmed down soon enough because I knew my mobile phone would be in the car. I got a lecture from my husband about being careless over Google Talk, but I was still zen throughout the day.

I truly did not expect my husband to make that remark. For him to even notice. But I’m glad that he mentioned it because, for me, it’s proof that being deliberate about having Loving Kindness thoughts first thing in the morning helps.

I have read about water being a good conduit for healing. That’s why Zamzam water has healing properties, and also why healers use plain water as “penawar” or remedy. So, I use my morning shower time to think positive thoughts and wish for a blessed day. While under the shower, I list out all the things that I am grateful for in my life and wish for good things for myself and my loved ones.

Generally, I wish for the following things:

For myself and everyone who knows me to be safe, happy and healthy.

To be kind, loving, considerate, patient, compassionate, selfless, and magnanimous.

To have peace and serenity.

To forgive themselves, forgive others and be forgiven.

To have abundance from expected and unexpected sources.

To love ourselves/themselves just the way we are.

For everything to be well in our world.

After I get out of the shower, I recite some zikir to raise my positive vibrations as I get ready for work. The whole idea is to distract myself from the self-pity of “oh no, I have to go to work” and focus on willing for a wonderful day ahead instead.

If my husband noticed me being zen in the morning, then I think I’m on the right track.

I encourage anyone reading this to make a habit of this. I mean, what do you have to lose?



Abundance from expected and unexpected sources

You probably know that I have a morning ritual on my commute to work. I start by reading at least 10 verses from the Quran and followed by some Loving Kindness doa that I say in my heart for my loved ones. One of the phrases that I say is “May I/they have abundance from expected and unexpected sources.” What this means is that I wish for myself and others to have abundance of rezeki in many forms and many sources.

I think I have been blessed twice over since I started paying attention to this. I’m hesitant to say that I have manifested these good fortune. But I will start that I have “attracted” them since I started being more mindful about having clear and pure intentions, focusing on the positive things in life and praying for good things for myself and others, including those whom I have issues with.

For starters, I will list out 3 events that really stood out to me.

1. In February, I had to cancel an additional insurance policy that I could no longer afford to pay due to other commitments. I had been paying for it using my credit card and I had asked for my insurance agent to help me terminate the direct debit. She did it with no complaints. Earlier this week, she messaged me to say that the insurance company is refunding me the last payment I made! Say it with me — abundance from expected and unexpected sources.

2. I am saving up for a trip to Seoul in November so I was slightly worried about not being able to afford the mosh pit tickets to EXO’s Exo’rdium concert. It costs RM700. I could always charge it to the credit card and pay it off later, but it’s still a hefty sum. So I stalled buying the ticket and prayed for abundance to come my way. A week before the concert, my tax return was banked in to my account. The amount? RM700+.

3. A few nights ago, my team and I were staying back a little later than usual to put our publication to bed. At the 11th hour, our superior had issues with the layout. Le superior was nitpicking. We really didn’t have time to make a whole lot of changes and we needed the approval. The party that was sending this publication out needs to leave for the day already. So, I went to the ladies room and did a short Loving Kindness prayer so that the tension will be gone. A short message later, we got the approval.

Maybe the last one isn’t an example of abundance, but it shows that when you clear your mind and ask for guidance or help, you will receive it.

In fact, we receive divine intervention all the time without even realising it.

The key is to pay attention and to make sure that we express sincere gratitude to God for the blessing. For fortune favours not only the brave but also the grateful.