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The Price of Fame

I promise not to let anything or anyone get to me ever again. So not worth it. So not worth my time. They’ll never get anything from me” – Suzie

This time yesterday, one teeny weeny incident ruined my entire day. It lingered with me through the entire day like an embarrassing memory that makes you cringe and want to crawl into a hole and bury yourself in it forever.

And then I had a good night’s sleep and felt much, much better in the morning. It’s true what they say —  when you feel positive, you’ll attract good things even when you had a bad start to your day. I think today has been one of those good days that not only went well but also went by super fast — just the way I like it 🙂

When I got home tonight, I was lucky to catch an E! Special on Britney Spears The Price of Fame. The 90-minute show follows Britney’s life from her MM Club days to April 2008 after she allowed her parents back into her life and let them help her get better.

I genuinely, genuinely feel happy for her. This is a woman who nearly lost her sanity. Sure, she partied a lot and probably took a lot of drugs too. Drugs + booze = recipe for disaster. As a result, she “proved” to the world what an incompetent mom she was in 2007 with her strange, un-mom like behavour.

BUT when she was hospitalised (after the LAPD sent a squad and paramedics to her home because they believed she could be a danger to herself and others), they found no traces of drug in her system. She was not drunk either. It wasn’t the drugs that made her go out of her mind. She was beyond depressed. Her first love ended bitterly; her first marriage didn’t last two days; her second marriage ended with a messy custody battle and she was appearing in the media for all the wrong reasons. She basically had  a crappy year.

So it’s good to see her back making hit songs and cool videos. From her latest video Womanizer, she looked amazing. And she doesn’t have “crazy eyes” (as one blogger describes her during her drama days), as she did last year.

It shows that, in difficult times, all a girl needs is to be around her family who care for her unconditionally. She nearly lost her career, children and her mental health. She regained them back and more. To quote Britney in her single Gimme More: “Britney’s back b!tch!”

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