Work It!

I am always looking for new affirmations to recite during my morning commute. Recent events at work made me focus on work and relationships at the office.

I found two websites which have pretty good affirmations. I’m copying and pasting them below for easy reference.


  1. It is easy for me to keep a positive attitude at my job
  2. I always have at my disposal all the patience I need
  3. I am peaceful with whatever happens at work
  4. I now choose to look at the positive aspects that my job has
  5. I communicate easily with everyone
  6. I add positive value to the work I produce
  7. It is fun for me to complete my tasks on time
  8. I am grateful for the job I have and all the possibilities it gives me
  9. I contribute positively to the environment at work
  10. I appreciate all facilities I have at my work place
  11. I know exactly how to plan and execute my work
  12. Everyone at my work place benefits from my positive attitude
  13. I release all my negative thoughts about my current job
  14. It is a joy for me to help others at work
  15. Every day I strive to do a good job
  16. I appreciate all that I have learned through my job
  17. I have the power to bring in a positive attitude at work daily

(Source: The Benefits of Positive Thinking) I am always enjoying myself at

  1. I find it easy to keep a positive attitude in regards to work
  2. I am always enjoying myself at work
  3. I am confident
  4. I am happiest when I put my soul into my work*
  5. I enjoy going to work
  6. I am good at my job
  7. I find it easy to get along with my work colleagues
  8. I always look forward to going to work
  9. I am just naturally motivated and driven
  10. I effortlessly get through my work day

*Edited to suit my context

(Source: Free

Sometimes, saying these affirmations, even silently in my head, sounds cheesy. My trick is to say it in my best British accent impersonation to make it sound regal. ROTFL! For some reason, it sounds more serious and I believe my affirmations better. Law of Attraction is all about genuine feeling. You need to truly believe for it to work. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!


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