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Abundance from expected and unexpected sources

You probably know that I have a morning ritual on my commute to work. I start by reading at least 10 verses from the Quran and followed by some Loving Kindness doa that I say in my heart for my loved ones. One of the phrases that I say is “May I/they have abundance from expected and unexpected sources.” What this means is that I wish for myself and others to have abundance of rezeki in many forms and many sources.

I think I have been blessed twice over since I started paying attention to this. I’m hesitant to say that I have manifested these good fortune. But I will start that I have “attracted” them since I started being more mindful about having clear and pure intentions, focusing on the positive things in life and praying for good things for myself and others, including those whom I have issues with.

For starters, I will list out 3 events that really stood out to me.

1. In February, I had to cancel an additional insurance policy that I could no longer afford to pay due to other commitments. I had been paying for it using my credit card and I had asked for my insurance agent to help me terminate the direct debit. She did it with no complaints. Earlier this week, she messaged me to say that the insurance company is refunding me the last payment I made! Say it with me — abundance from expected and unexpected sources.

2. I am saving up for a trip to Seoul in November so I was slightly worried about not being able to afford the mosh pit tickets to EXO’s Exo’rdium concert. It costs RM700. I could always charge it to the credit card and pay it off later, but it’s still a hefty sum. So I stalled buying the ticket and prayed for abundance to come my way. A week before the concert, my tax return was banked in to my account. The amount? RM700+.

3. A few nights ago, my team and I were staying back a little later than usual to put our publication to bed. At the 11th hour, our superior had issues with the layout. Le superior was nitpicking. We really didn’t have time to make a whole lot of changes and we needed the approval. The party that was sending this publication out needs to leave for the day already. So, I went to the ladies room and did a short Loving Kindness prayer so that the tension will be gone. A short message later, we got the approval.

Maybe the last one isn’t an example of abundance, but it shows that when you clear your mind and ask for guidance or help, you will receive it.

In fact, we receive divine intervention all the time without even realising it.

The key is to pay attention and to make sure that we express sincere gratitude to God for the blessing. For fortune favours not only the brave but also the grateful.





Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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