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I Am The Lucky One

So I was at EXO’s Exo’rdium concert last night. The last time they were here was some 53 weeks ago for their first concert – Exo’Luxion – at the same venue, Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.

It’s not my favourite venue because the place is outdoor (read: hot and humid) and it’s still under renovation. But Kpop artistes such as Big Bang and EXO seem to like the atmosphere. I totally get it. From their point of view, it’s breath-taking. They see the PETRONAS Twin Towers and KL Tower from where they are standing. And the sea of yellow (for BB) or silver (for EXO) must be a fantastic view at night. As a loyal fan, I just humour them and allow myself to be entertained.

I think this year’s concert is much better than 2016’s because of the weather factor. The boys performed in the middle of the El-Nino heat last year. This year, the weather was still bearable. The crowd was energetic and the boys just fed off that energy.

As I was not bothered by the weather, I was better able to focus on details of the concert. Their vocals were on fleek. I made it a point to listen more to the singing this time round and I caught all those high notes that Baekhyun, Chen and DO belted out. They sounded so good!

I really love the acoustic segment because it showcased their vocals. And that Ment segment where each of them took turns to sing a short verse of their chosen “gobaek” song (고백송) was completely organic. I’m pretty sure it was an impromptu thing. It started with Suho reading the screen of EXO-Ls phones and realising that they wanted to surprise Minseok with a birthday song, but Minseok was still backstage changing. So Suho told “Malaysia” (suddenly we all became a country) to “calm your tits down” and “hide your wives, kids phones”. Being the subservient wives fans that we are, we hid our phones.

While we all wait for Minseok to come out, Kai launched into a song that I don’t recognise. He even did it in aegyo and full fan-service style. If I know Kai well, he gets embarrassed pretty easily. He must have been really happy and comfortable to launch into that embarrassingly cute performance. Next was Suho who sang his solo song, Curtain. OMG, he was so good! Then everyone chanted “D.O, D.O, D.O”. Twice D.O said that he didn’t have any song. When Suho told him to do Tell Me What Is Love, he obliged and immediately slayed!

Then it was Chen (I’m Not Okay), Baekhyun (Rain) and lastly Sehun. Bless Minseok and Baekhyun for suggesting that Sehun hum to their OST for Scarlet Heart. Minseok said, “Do your favourite song of CBX”. Sehun was like, “But I don’t know it well”. Then, Baekhyun was like, “just do the Tatatatara part”. Sehun probably figured that it was doable. So, he started humming the part. Then fans started hummed along with him. If you know the struggle Sehun has had over his “vocal prowess”, you will understand what a monumental moment that was for him. Sehun has received a lot of flak for his voice. The boy can dance but if I’m being honest, he’s not much of a singer. So it was a big deal for maknae to hum like that in front of thousands of people. The result was a rare, tender moment. I think Sehun felt really good receiving the encouragement from fans. I’m happy this major milestone happened on Malaysian soil.

There were many more memorable moments from the concert that I can only relive through YouTube videos. Frankly, I stood further away from the stage compared to where I did last year. But it worked out in my favour because I didn’t have to endure the pushing and shoving, and being annoyed by all the fans who were blocking my view with their phones.

I stood in front of a fan by the barricade and managed to see all 8 of them up-close when they stood right in front of me. Only Allah knows how grateful I was for the opportunity.

Moments before the concert started, I took a quiet moment to focus on sending positive wishes to myself, the boys and everyone who were inside the stadium. I wished that everyone was happy, safe, patient, and compassionate. I think when your mind is in the “peace and serenity” zone, you attract the same.

I’m genuinely happy that I managed to maximise my “love vibration” quota this weekend. Thanks EXO for the good time. See you boys next year!


Baekhyun's message










Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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