Wish Me Luck, I’m Facing My Demons

Funny how my last post was approximately a year ago. I wrote about feeling like myself again.

Little did I know that the following months would be filled with a whirlwind of events. I learned so much and accomplished so much. My LinkedIn has a summary of that, so I’m not going to rehash everything here.

But over the course of 12 months, I began to see a pattern developing. The same problems I thought I had left behind were resurfacing bit by bit. And I knew what was happening — I was attracting the same vibration that I had hope to leave. Like a ghost, it came back to haunt me. That same hard-to-shake feeling of dread.

Don’t get me wrong. The previous environment was worse. This new environment is a tremendous improvement, but there are some traces of the old, negative vibration. I recognise it because it is a shade of the old life I thought I had left behind.

So, I’ve been reading up on how to improve my vibration. Because I believe that even when we feel trapped, we do have a choice to freedom. I can’t control how others act or behave, but I am in full control of how I respond to them. So, I made some notes of how I can stay put where I am and face my demons by “cleansing the air”. This way, I won’t have to “run away” ever again.

I hope you’ll also find this useful. The last paragraph, I feel, is the most powerful of them all.

It’s not easy to be in an environment where many people have strong feelings (about how toxic the environment is). They discuss it around the water cooler every chance they get; there is a lot of conversations going on about the inappropriateness of “them” (i.e the Management, the bad boss etc) as they (the so-called victims try to) justify where they stand.

All of this chains you to a vibration that blocks your access to the (positive) vibration that you want. The only way to overcome it is to relentlessly reach for that better vibration (again, and again, and again). Build your own bridges to that better vibration.

A “toxic environment” is shaped by thousands of “compliant” participants (i.e. those who contribute towards it by harping on the situation, and assuming the “hapless victim” mentality).

Even if you were to jump ship and leave the “toxic environment” for “greener pastures”, you would naturally jump into the same environment because that is the only vibration that you have access to and attract. Unless you stay put and look for reasons to feel good  — create positive vibrations, regain your sense of autonomy and self-direction. Only then could the universe yield to you easily.

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