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Two is better than one

I did not get what the fuss is all about until I tried it for myself. Having two computer screens is  better than (having just) one.

I’ve seen my husband use our Samsung lcd tv at home as an alternative monitor, in place of the 11 inch one on his Toshiba netbook.

He connects the mini laptop to the screen with a cable that would normally connect a cpu to a monitor, shuts the netbook and use an external keyboard to type.

We’ve been surfing the Net and watching YouTube videos this way for some time now. We’ve also been recording cover versions of pop songs and uploading them to his channel and mine.

My husband plays the guitar while I sing, my eyes fixed to the lcd screen reading out the words and the trusted Sony Nex5 records it all on HD. (More on this in another post!)

Two days ago, he took the Dell monitor that has gathered dust outside the room and placed it near my “home office” and hooked it up to my Mini HP.

He taught me how to set it up myself and voilà, the next morning at work I was doing it all on my own!

I might blog about this again and create a tutorial on it in my future Tools of the trade blog.

So you might wonder why I would need a second monitor.

Two monitors can be one giant, seamless screen

Well, I’ve found it useful when I’m writing, editing and proof-reading.

It’s really convenient to have the Oxford dictionary on one screen and the Word document on another. When I need to look up facts, I would minimise the dictionary and have the web browser on the screen. It’s really handy when you need to compare text.

I dare say that I save time with two monitors. For one, I don’t waste time dragging the mouse to the bottom of the page to pick a window because I can’t fit two of them in one screen.

I like the fact that combining two monitors gives me one big and seamless screen. I can open two web browsers like Firefox and Chrome, each on a separate monitor. No more having to minimise one window to view the other.

It might not sound like much but if you have tried it, you’ll notice the difference that introducing a second monitor brings.

Having two screens have given me an excuse to practise the keyboard shortcut command alt+tab.

Sometimes when you have too many windows open, it’s inconvenient to go back to the panel bar and click your desired window.

Pressing alt+tab eliminates your dependence on the mouse and is perfect for the two or more monitors situation.

So do try it yourself on your own desktop at home or the office. It takes less than five minutes to set up. So have fun with it!

Have you tried connecting a computer monitor to your laptop to create one giant and seamless screen? How has that improved your productivity? Let me know in the comment box!

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