A place to think

I’m writing this from my husband’s relatives’ retreat home somewhere in Kalumpang, Hulu Selangor.

We are here with his cousins, uncle and aunt as well as my in-laws having a small family gathering/getaway for the Chinese New Year break.

I can’t recall if I have written about this place in this blog. I may have.

But for the benefit of new readers, it’s in a secluded area where you have to pass some rubber trees and a small inner road to get to the house.

Once you get there, the view is sight for sore eyes. It’s lush and green with a river running not too far behind the house. There’s a small pool filled with water from the river which is perfect for swimming in especially if it rains outside.

When we’re here, all we do is eat, swim, play the guitar, sing, play cards, watch dvds, chat, nap and all those things you do when you don’t have a care in the world.

It’s a good place to think and clear the mind, recharge and reconnect with the important people in our lives.

Celcom has the strongest coverage here but even then it’s just Edge. But I can still receive my emails, tweet and blog on my phone. But full on surfing using the laptop and broadband is not possible as the line is not stable.

That’s great for weaning yourself off the Internet for a few days. It makes it a bit hard to do work. Besides with all the fun things to do, you wouldn’t even be in the mood for work.

Right now I’m blogging while watching Terminator 4, a movie I would otherwise be too distracted to watch at home because I have high-speed Internet.

But here, we’re forced to entertain ourselves when bored. I think we all need that now and then.


The view is a sight for sore eyes



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1 thought on “A place to think”

  1. hey suzie….my onyang was from kalumpang!!! i still have an uncle in KKB. *opss..tetiba cerita pasal family*

    anyway, have fun dear!!!

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