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This is Week 2 of my journey towards taking control of my time, money and life in general. How has it been? So far so good I guess.

Well, at least my horoscope says so. And you know how you’re more inclined to believe your horoscope when it says that nice things are in store for you, don’t you? LOL.

Anyway, I now officially cannot function without my To Do note book. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I misplace it!

For example this morning, I got a bit derailed — chatting too much and surfing the Internet when I should be working. And then I remembered to check my To Do list, or as Get Organised Now calls it “the Ta Da list” (because when you get a chore done, it vanishes like magic, you say Ta Da! Get it?). Just like that, I was doing all the things that I needed to do and managed to tick off a lot of things on the list. f I hadn’t done peeked at my Ta-da List, I think I would’ve forgotten to do many things.

What I like about my Ta Da list is that it also keeps me focused. I keep my phone on Vibrate mode when I’m at work. I let calls go into my Voice Mail. I check my emails and return calls between 11am and 12pm and 4pm and 5pm. And at night, I basically do whatever I want and they are not work-related. If I have a deadline and need to finish some work, I just make sure that I sleep early to wake up early the next day to get the job done.

Now, daytime for me is for work and evenings are strictly for me, family and friends.

I have also been using my Google Calendar religiously. I like that I can sync between my Google Calendar and my BB one. Doing this also keeps me focused because I know exactly what I need to do when.

On another note, I’m really happy with the 2.5% benzoyl peroxide treatment that I bought over the Internet. It arrived in the mail about two weeks ago. And it took about two weeks for me to see a real difference to my skin.

The areas which are acne-free look very clear. The areas where I do have zits are getting very small. I used to get zits all over but for some reason, they are now almost exclusively on my neck area, just under my jaw.

But the number is really small, just one or two compared to four or five at once before. New zits still appear around that area and I find this really strange because I know the treatment really works, otherwise.

Although it annoys me that new zits still pop up, I am not about to write off this product just yet. After all, I’m not even a quarter way through the 8 oz tube that I bought. I think it can last me easily two months but I suspect that I’ll only finish it closer to Month 4. I think it’s really value for money. I spent about RM80 on it (plus postage).

It was recommended that I increase the amount of the product that I apply after Week 6. I have about a month more to go to do that.

I would not advise anyone to start too much, too soon. Just follow Dan’s recommendations on the website and you’ll see results. It took me 2 weeks, it might take less time for some and maybe more for others. It all depends on the severity of your acne, I guess.

I used to think that benzoyl peroxide doesn’t work for my kind of acne but’s treatment proves otherwise. My skin has responded very well to the product and I’m really pleased with the results — despite still getting a zit or two on my jawline.

As I said before, it’s really annoying because it feels like I’m taking two steps backwards after making such great progress.

But I have to say that my skin looks better than ever now. The most noticeable improvement would be my nose. I do not have blackheads there, I kid you not! That and the fact that my skin is less oily now. And my skin looks fairer now.

However, I still can’t go without makeup. I still look dead tired without a trace of makeup and my skin still looks blotchy from old acne scars and my chicken pox scars that are still healing. But the skin surface is much smoother, that is for sure.

So if you’re interested to try the product, visit You don’t have to get the entire set of products offered there — which can be expensive especially when you are ordering outside of the US. I use the treatment with Neutrogena’s pure mild facial cleanser and Olay moisturiser. It has worked great for me so far.

So that’s what’s happening with my life lately. Till next time!



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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