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I just purchased an 8 oz tube of benzoyl peroxide treatment (gel form) from When I had my chicken pox, I was reading up on tips to prevent permanent scars from cp and stumbled upon the website (again).

I used to go to the website to read about tips to cure acne. But it’s only just recently that I decided to try the Regimen “for real” as promoted by’s founder Dan.

While I wait for my BP product to come in the mail within the next three weeks or so, I’m going to start the Regimen using Oxy’s 5% BP combined with a gentle cleanser and my trusted moisturiser.

I’m supposed to apply BP to acne prone areas on my face and body in a quantity that’s slightly more than what I’d usually put. From the youtube video as demonstrated by Dan himself, the amount of BP that I’m supposed to apply on my fave, at least eventually, is almost as much as, if not more, the amount of moisturiser I use on my face.

Traditionally, people would just dot BP on their zits and not slather it on like some moisturiser or sunscreen.

But Dan found 10 years ago — by accident — that applying more BP, in his case 2.5%, than normal was the secret to clearer skin. Dan was also an acne-sufferer who has since developed his own regimen as well as skin care line.

Since I’m just starting out, I’ve been advised to apply just a little more than I normally would — squeezing a straight line of BP about the length of my pinky.

There is a technique to applying the BP. My fingers are supposed to glide all over my face, hardly applying any pressure to my skin. It’s the same when I apply my moisturiser. Light fingers messaging the cream into my skin.

I don’t want to put a lot of hope on this regimen because some people have done it without success. Some people’s acne problem actually became worst. But I have to note that there are more success stories than there are failures.

When the Regimen works for you, your skin is so clear it’s like you’ve never battled with acne your whole life!

I honestly don’t have anything to lose except the chance to have clear skin if I don’t try this and discover that it works for me.

I’ll check back in a few weeks.



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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