So, we meet again…

In case you were wondering what I have been up to, I basically have been obsessed with American Idol – particularly with contestant Adam Lambert.

I guess by now you’re already aware that he is NOT the next American Idol — Kris Allen is. I have to tell you I was gutted. But I can’t really say that I didn’t see it coming.

For one, MY Idol never wins — Elliot Yamin, Jason Castro, David Archuleta, Melinda Doolittle. Although Adam came very close to winning, I had a little nagging feeling that he wouldn’t simply because he was too OTT to be an American Idol. Heaven forbid that a male Idol actually wears eyeliner and platform shoes to perform, right?

Anyway, I’m pass feeling sad for Adam. I was sad when I heard the announcement but I’ve accepted that it wasn’t Adam’s rezeki (how do I translate rezeki? Luck?). I found solace in the knowledge that Adam rocked the finale with his duet with KISS and Queen, regardless of what Gene Simmons or Clay Aiken had to say about Adam’s rock star quality.

At least one was offering his professional opinion. The other was just being a whiner. Didn’t your mom ever tell you that if you have nothing nice to say, it’s better not to say anything at all? Anyway, I think this had a lot to do with the catty remarks. Figures!

Whatever it is, I love Adam and deeply respect him as an artiste. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos on YouTube and I’m impressed by the body of work that he has amassed so far. This dude can do Disney prince and emo rock (just go to my Facebook account to look at some of the videos that I have posted)! Watch him sing with Queen or KISS and watch him sing in Wicked. Adamazing! (corny, I know *lol*)

I’m personally excited about his album, which I’m expecting to be released by at least January 2010. Adam has managed to make old-school rock cool again in the 21st century. The Darkness, with due respect, tried to revive the genre a few years ago but wasn’t very succesful at it. In fact, the band has now disbanded. But I loved the Darkness when it was still around and found its music very refreshing.

When Adam did his thing on the show — especially with Ring of Fire which got me hooked on him — I thought, “Wow… this is cool. I get to enjoy this brand of rock again”. I hope his exposure on AI will give him a better edge over the likes of The Darkness.

I better get some sleep. I slept at 3am this morning because I wanted to catch the AI finale repeat. I ended up watching the show again on 8TV just now. Can barely open my eyes.

Anyway, if you’re free tomorrow (Saturday May 23), go to NST Online and check out an article on American Idol that we wrote. Let me know what you think about the story. Leave a comment, send an email or twitter your thoughts to @nstYOU or @suziemclean.

Later people!

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