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She hates American Idol

Hello again!

Thought I’d share with you something I recently found on the Internet. Marytkelly from Boulder, Colorado, USA, was one of the lucky people who got to watch American Idol live from the Nokia Theatre. A Glambert, Marytkelly wrote about her experience watching the show live and described how the audience really reacted to the announcement. Below is an excerpt from her blog.

Finally the moment had arrived to announce the winner. The evening had been so spectacular, so fantastic, so obvious to everyone who was there who was going to win American Idol because, and please trust me because you probably weren’t there, it was SO apparent who had the best voice, the best stage presence and the most charisma.

So I can only tell you that when Ryan announced Kris Allen as the new American Idol, the theater that was packed with thousands of people was stunned. I haven’t seen the replay, but the producers surely must have had to resort to some kind of canned response to make it sound like there were people in the audience that were actually happy with this.

And don’t get me wrong. Of course there were some Kris Allen fans, but they seemed small in number. The rest of us stood there, jaws dropped to the ground, faces in disbelief as we looked at one another, shaking our heads in bewilderment.

It was just SO WRONG.

And let’s be honest here. No one seemed more shocked than Kris Allen himself. I felt really bad for him because it was so apparent in that large hushed theater that the applause was reserved and restrained. It was the ultimate of party poopers and Debbie Downers. A night that had had so much momentum, so many spectacular performances…Ryan’s announcement landed like a thud, like the turd of the song Kara had written that Kris had to sing one more time (this song is the only reason I’m grateful Adam didn’t win).

And as people slowly and quietly left the Nokia theater, still shaking their heads in disbelief, another season of American Idol went down in history, proving once again that the American voter can’t always be trusted.

I’m not as bitter as I surely must sound. Yes, Adam will get record deals and be famous, blah blah blah. It’s just the principle I’m stuck on. The whole, it’s a SINGING competition. I’m jaded now and the good news for all of you is that you will no longer be subjected to my American Idol recaps…collective sigh of relief for that…and come next January when American Idol starts up again, I’ll be doing something a little more productive with my time on Tuesday nights like playing bingo or watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island.

Now, didn’t some radio station send a few contest winners to LA to watch the show? I wonder if they will attest to Marytkelly’s post.



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One thought on “She hates American Idol

  1. A friend of mine (In Msia) actually won a trip to the final show in a competition. I have to ask her what she thought of it…

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