Today was the day that wasn’t

I was supposed to go to the gym today.

I had it all planned. I had packed all my clothes, shoes, socks, deodorant, etc in the bag that I won at Astro’s cny dinner recently. I even set the alarm on my phone for 3pm. That is to remind me that I need to make time for the gym.

I even arranged for my sister to pick me up on the way to Klang since my husband has his own cny dinner to attend. I left the office at 9pm and didn’t even have 5 minutes to spare for the gym.

My colleague J and I were genuinely busy running around –- reading the pages, doing the corrections, making the blurbs which turned out to be the most problematic thing of all that we’ve had to handle.

I learned plenty of things about people today within a span of three hours. I have seen how grown men act like divas.

One guy insisted that his way is right. He insisted that changes be made according to his fancy without any regard for how things are actually done. It doesn’t matter that what he insist is right is completely wrong.

Another guy is rambling, going on and on about something.

The last guy takes the cake. He was practically throwing a tantrum. Berleter sambil berjalan and turning the pages of the past newspapers with so much anger just to show that “this is how it’s done”.

I’ve had to explain this time and time again, he said. You people don’t even read your own newspaper, he said (really, do you blame us??) – when all we did was asked which is actually the correct format to doing something. (And yes, we have referred to the past newspaper before we asked you. We just needed a confirmation. Turns out that was the biggest mistake ever).

He scolded us like we have done this a million times. It’s the classic case of shooting the messenger. And when we apologised for wasting his precious time, he didn’t even turn to look at us. He just threw both hands in the air in exasperation.

Aku memang pantang dengan orang tunjuk diva no tau.

Yes, your highness, your time is more precious than ours. I can see that now. We’re not worthy of your five minutes. God, what were we thinking?

Well, I’m sorry alright. Sorry that I even approached you. Don’t worry about us ever taking your time again. That’s the last time I’ll ever ask you about anything ever again.

When he flipped the pages of the newspapers the way he did, I swear I felt like smacking his face. It takes a lot to make me want to smack someone and that is saying a lot about how diva this guy was.

If he thinks he’s the only one who has had a long day, let me tell you about mine.

I woke up at 6.30am. I was at the office from 9am and I left at 9pm. I had planned to go to the gym but I didn’t even have 5 minutes to myself. I went over a total of 11 pages from morning to evening, did corrections and all that.

In fact you can ask J that I was still all smiles when I left.

I’m willing to bet my entire salary that you were still at home when I came in to work this morning. I don’t give a f what time you’re going home tonight because I know for sure you don’t have to go home and iron your wife’s clothes for her to go to work tomorrow and do all those stuff.

So please don’t tell me you have every single reason to be angry because you don’t. It’s fine to be frustrated to be asked for the 30th time how something is done. It’s annoying, I get it.

But tak payahlah tunjuk gelagat diva. I would have expected this behaviour from a woman or Rara. But you of all people? I couldn’t believe me eyes, man.

If he thinks we’re no worth his time, guess what? He’s not worth our time either. Even the fact that I’m blogging about this is already giving him too much attention.

Right now, I just want to forget the whole diva attitude we had to endure earlier.

J’s going to watch some mindless comedy. I’ll probably check out Dave Days on youtube. He never fails to make me smile 🙂


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