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A former colleague is in austria to do her doctorate. She’s a young mom with a young son and another baby on the way. What’s amazing about her is that she’s doing it all alone there — studying, going through her pregnancy — sans husband and son.

She recently wrote a very touching entry in her blog and I feel compelled to share with her this anecdote.

Not too long ago, I interviewed a woman deputy vc. We were talking about her new post and somehow the topic deviated to children and working moms. I think it started when she asked me if I was married and whether or not I had children.

Well, anyway, she told me that one of the hardest things she has had to do was leave her family to pursue her studies. This was probably in the late 80s and her daughter at the time was below 5. She told me that she remembered being incredible guilty about it, not to mention missing her family like crazy.

But her little girl is now all grown up. One day, as she was helping her daughter clean her room, she found a card she had sent home to Malaysia when she was still studying. The card brought back all the memories and she started crying.

Seeing her cry, her daughter said: “Mommy, it’s okay. I’m all grown up now. It’s okay”.

She thought her daughter would never forgive her for leaving. But the truth is, her daughter didn’t even remember that she had gone for that long.

I have only respect for Che Sabb. She’s setting a good example for her children. She’s showing them that women in the 21st century can do it all – become a mom, pursue their education and careers etc.

She’s doing it all for herself and her children’s future. Think of it this way, how many people can say that their mom has a PhD? From Austria, no less?

So, hang in there Che Sabb. Dani’s going to be fine and you’ll pull through and come back to Malaysia with the initials d and r before your name ๐Ÿ™‚



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

One thought on “Supermom

  1. Suzie,

    thank you so much for sharing the story. i don’t know what to say. life is hard. i miss my family like crazy. but reading your entry made me feel so much better. if that lady vc can survive in the 80s when internet was hardly heard of, i can do it too, kan?it saddens me when my hubs tells me that dani likes to ask where is mama. tapi you are right, he is still young and me leaving him to do my phd will hopefully be just a distant memory when he is all grown up. thanks again suzie.

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