Cry baby

Ladies and gentleman, I have turned into a sappy person.

I was watching The Nanny Diaries earlier and I cried and cried and cried. Did anyone else bawl their eyes out when when Grayer said “I love you” to Annie for the first time? When he chased after Annie in the taxi? When Annie spilled her guts out to the nanny cam?


Does anyone else also think that only in movies do nannies met Harvard


Hottie’s and have the HH fall hopelessly in love with them?

I didn’t buy that part at all but I guess it’s necessary to throw in a love interest for the young, sexy nanny – Scarlett Johansson really does have curves at all the right places. And I totally saw that scene coming — when Mr X hit on Annie only to be caught by Mrs X. I hate the guy who plays Mr X (he’s the same guy who plays the movie producer from Big Fat Liar, only he was slimmer in BFL) .

I read a review of the film a long time ago and that review was not very kind to the film. But I think it’s funny, sweet and honest.

At the very least, it made me think about my career and where I want to be. Do I want to stay where I am right now or should I make arrangements to move forward, somewhere else?

While watching the film, you question Annie’s motives for staying. If she can’t stand her employers so much, why stay? In her case, she stayed for Grayer, the child born with a silver spoon but so starving for attention from his parents.

Like Annie, we stay in our jobs for many reasons. It could be because of friends, because we’re so comfortable with the routine or because we feel that we can save that “child”. It could also be for all the reasons above,

But whatever the reason that makes us stay (or go), we have to make sure that it is for the RIGHT reason. Because we want to. Not for nostalgia, not for money or any other “wrong” reasons.

If we’re like Annie and we “think” we have to stick around because someone needs us (despite the thought of spending another day at the workplace makes us want to scream), then it’s probably time to reassess the situation.

Superheroes need a break too and the problem needs to learn to solve itself.


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