Anyone interested?

This may be hard to believe (because I’m such an Internet junkie) but I’m not one to browse through online stores. I blog hop and FB way too many times a day but I rarely visit online stores. One of the reasons is that I haven’t really caught the online shopping bug. I’ve shopped for mineral makeup and subcribed to foreign magazines over the Internet but that is as far as it goes.

But has changed that for me. Thanks to this Malaysian fashion blog and shopping directory, I have discovered many shopping sites created by young local female entrepreneurs. I think that is fantastic! I absolutely admire these girls for their entrepreneurial skills.

I think Emmagem itself is awesome because I recently posted a question on how a 30-something career woman can wear headbands without looking cutesy. I’m impressed by the way one of the writers tackled my question. Now, that is what I call dedication. Kudos to the writers!

But as a writer myself, I can’t help but to notice the kind of writing that appears on these Malaysian online shops. I’m not questioning the writing skills of Emmagem writers. They know their stuff, trust me on that. But the others are…pretty atrocious.

I can’t blame them because not everyone has a flair for writing and/or a strong grasp of the English language.

I’m the first to admit that I don’t speak/write the queen’s English. BUT when I’m careful, my grammar can be pretty tight. Hey, I have to show something for the years of proofreading that I have done since I joined the oldest newspaper in the country. Kalau tak, malu lah wei!

So, I think I can help these girls make their websites more presentable “languagewise”. I can offer them my proofreading and/or copywriting services.

I have 7 years of experience writing and proofreading copies for grammar and typo mistakes. I refer religiously to the 7th (latest) edition of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary when I write/proofread. Seriously, I will check every sentence against the dictionary (for the construction, etc) so you can be sure that your copy will be clean by the time I’m through with it. It is a habit I acquired from my boss.

I’m very keen to help my fellow Malaysian online store owners but the problem is, how do I approach these girls? Will they be offended if I were to suggest that their “copies” need pruning?

Besides that, how do I charge them? Will they even agree to the idea of me charging them?

I guess I have to think this through before I approach my “potential customers”.

In terms of payment, I don’t think I mind being paid in kind (i.e items that these online shops sell). I see it as a a barter trade: my proofreading or copywriting services for clothes, bags, etc 😛

So, anyone interested? Leave your details on the comment box!


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