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Visualise success

I went to the my freelance office today. It wasn’t so bad. I sat there from 11.30am and started proof-reading on screen. Occasionally I would chat with my sister and husband on Windows Live Msgr. I introduced my sister to Yearbook Yourself dot com after she asked me why I had a picture of myself in a wig. If you’re on my facebook, you will know that I have an album of myself in hilarious hairstyles.

Needless to say, she had loads of fun uploading her photo and choosing hairstyles.

And then my husband asked me what time he should pick me up from the lrt station in KJ. I said, I’m only leaving after 6pm. As it turned out, it rained so I stayed until 7pm.

As I was doing my work, I suddenly remembered a song I heard on hitz dot fm on the way back to my hometown, TT. I knew that the song would have to be on the charts for it to be played on hitz, so I checked rick dees dot com. I looked at all the songs and mentally ticked off all the familiar ones and made an intelligent guess based on the names of groups which I didn’t know. I made one guess and discovered that I was right. The group I was looking for is was indeed the Paramore and the song I liked is called That’s What You Get.

I liked the vocals of Paramore’s frontgirl Hailey the moment I heard it. She, or rather her singing style, strikes me as what the female Brendan Urie, singer of Panic! At The Disco — another of my favourite rock bands — would sound like.

I had beriyani bukhara ayam for lunch at 12.30pm and naturally by 8.15pm, I was starving. Hubby gave me two options: KFC or KRR (Kenny R Roasters) and I chose the latter because I’ve had too much KFC in the past few weeks. After dinner, hubby suggested that we check out Speedy to see if they already have NKOTB’s album. Hubby said my expression when he pointed to me the NKOTB cd that was on the rack was classic!

Now my conscience is clear. I promised that I would buy the original CD — despite having downloaded the songs off the Net — and I did. I spent RM29.90 on it too. Hubby bought a best of album by Aerosmith. I could never get jaded listening to Jaded 🙂

As I had mentioned on my FB status, I have started saving up for tickets to watch NKOTB’s concert in KL, so they had better include KL in their tour list when they head to Asia some time mid next year (I think)!!!

I’m not joking about the saving up part. I was so inspired by an article on saving in last month’s Glamour that I started calculating how much I would need to save a day to get no less than RM1,200 by next raya.

Simple math would tell you that to save RM100 a month, you need to fork out RM25 a week and that translates to roughly RM3.60 a day. So that’s what I’m trying to do. I have managed to convince hubby that, if he chips in and we’re both committed to this, between us we will have RM600 stashed for raya shopping and another RM600 for duit raya ON TOP OF savings of RM1,200.

He seemed to like the idea of saving money for a rainy and still have a substantial sum to spend or for emergencies.

Of course saving RM3.60 should be the minimum. Ideally, we should save as much as RM10 a day if we can. But I’m going to be realistic. I think RM7.20 a day between my husband and I is good enough lah. I don’t want us to save and have to dig for petrol or tol money two days later…, if you know what I mean 😛

Actually, I was hoping to use part of the savings on tickets to NKOTB’s concert in KL. Ok, before you accuse me of starting a rumour, I just want to say that the New Kids have not announced their Asian tour dates. They stopped at February (in France). But I’m hoping that by practising the Laws of Attraction, they’ll actually have a concert in Malaysia. I mean, this is what Olympic gold medalists do: they visualise success, they see themselves winning the race. I’m visualising myself getting really good seats at the concert and screaming my lungs out hahahaha!

Oklah. Enough fantasising. Tomorrow, I have to go to my freelance office again and resume reading. Well at least the wireless connection there is fast…. 🙂



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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