Who’s lame now?

I received this comment today:

Hey Suzie,
I was researching blogs talking about New Kids on the Block and found yours. I also love the new single by NKOTB and Ne-Yo. I don’t know about you but listening to nkotb brings me back to my childhood.

I’m from JamsBio, a social community to share your life through music, and we’re reaching out hoping that you might share some of your classic NKOTB memories from back in the day. Three lucky fans will be selected by drawing to receive a pair of tickets to see the New Kids in the city of his or her choice on the band’s sold out reunion tour.

You can share your stories from now until September 18th at . Drawings for concert tickets will be held on September 12th, 15th and 18th.

On another note, we’re partnering with lots of other music artists and labels in the coming months, and would love to build a relationship with your site. My supervisor and I would love to get on the phone with you to discuss or provide more information via email, if you’re interested.



P.S. JamsBio encourages full transparency; please feel free to share with your readers that we contacted you about New Kids on the Block promotion.

Thanks Ryan for the invitation.

Anyway, I duely visited the website and registered. I left a comment on a guy’s account of being a NKOTB fan when he was small. I thought it was refreshing for a guy to be so open about it especially as a grown man now. And he was right about the time in the late 80s when it was highly uncool to be a NKOTB fan, especially if you were a boy. To the haters, NKOTB spells l.a.m.e.

Now, NKOTB has duet songs with Lady Gaga, PCD, Akon and Ne-yo. Who’s the lame one now, b1tch!

1 thought on “Who’s lame now?”

  1. Hey thanks suziemclean for the post. I love how all the NKOTB fans from back in the day have stood by the guys for all these years.

    I wouldn’t call myself a huge NKOTB fan but am excited about working with Ryan and the team at JamsBio on this promotion.

    I put up this list today of my favorite NKOTB songs, which includes a lot of the newer ones from their last records before the current ‘comeback’:

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