2 in the morning

I am seriously crazy. It’s 1:46am and I’m listening to NKOTB’s “2 In The Morning”, a new single from their new album, The Block. And I have to wake up at 4-ish again for bersahur. Why am I behaving like an infatuated teenage girl again?

Anyway, I’ve downloaded all but one of their songs (I couldn’t find it) and all I have to say is: “Interesting…!”

Before you say cheapskate, I promise that I will buy their CD once it hits local stores. I mean, this is a piece of history. I bought all their other albums. I’m not going to miss out now just because I can download it off a P2P site.

Anyway, the impression that  get from listening to the songs is that the group had a blast recording the songs. They tried different sounds and styles, all the while trying their personal best to adapt to the 21st century music.

The result, I would say, is very “eclectic”.

It’s both funny and mind-boggling to hear them sing ala Will.I.Am in “Grown Man” with Pussycat Dolls. Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined NKOTB duetting with with Nicole S, or Akon for that matter. Husband loves “Put It On My Tab” because he’s a fan of Akon.

I personally like “Officially Over” (a breakup song). And the duet with New Edition called “Full Service” is pretty good too. 

“Don’t Cry” sounds like something out of BSB’s last two albums. You know, one of those ballads like “Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely”. I can’t explain what that means but BSB fans would get what I mean.  

Two or three of the songs sound very European techno. “Looking Dangerous” and “One Song”, IMHO, are two of them. Come to think of it, “Full Service” too.

Considering that they came out of the 80s and recorded a lot of Motown-type of songs (think “Popsicle”), I think NKOTB did a pretty good job with this album. It’s not perfect but it’s definitely a commandable comeback album.

And yes, “Single” is STILL my personal favourite. I wish they had duetted with Chris Brown too or Usher 🙂 Maybe Diddy, Luda or T Pain. No no… Nelly. He would be perfect!

Well, maybe for the next album? I HOPE there’s a “next” album. I hope they retire when they turn 50 or 55 just like the rest of us *lol*.
Anyway, I’m signing off. Nite nite Malaysia!

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