I believe you can tell someone’s character through their writing, especially when they are expressing their views.

In this guy’s case, based on his “opinion pieces”, I have reasons to believe that he is a self-righteous MCP. I mean, who would go out of their way to borrow their sister’s CD, listen to it over and over again, decide that he hates it and tries to convince people that whoever buys this CD is a loser and has crappy taste in music?

I mean, who made him the “music police”? You have to be either in primary school, a total prick overgrown brat or a bully to do that.

Music is a subjective thing. You can’t really explain why you like the music or band that you do. I was in my teens in the 1990s, which was the height of alternative music. I listened to indie bands on the radio and in fact even bought a few cds.Some of them were really good but they just didn’t leave an impact on me. They just didn’t speak to my soul. So sue me.

So what if I like Top 40 songs with cheesy lyrics? Does that make one shallow? If so, what is it to you?

I liked BSB and Nsync (and proud of it) but never got the whole craze about Take That. But that doesn’t give me the right to tell Take That fans that they’re wasting their money. Sure, I am entitled to my opinion but why would I want to share my negative views with the world? Who am I to tell people what to do, anyway? Am I an authority on music? Is this guy? I certainly don’t think so.

My point is there is no need to be catty and pass judgement on people based on their taste in music. There are bad reviews and there are bad reviews. As someone from the print media, I understand this very well. But your choice of words sets you apart — from amateur to professional.We get it, you think it’s a bad album. Fine, point taken. But was there really a need to write this?

It’s too bad that some people actually spend their hard-earned money on superficial, shallow “music” like this, when there’s so much great music out there with real heart and soul. You know, depth? Ever heard that word? Know the meaning of the word? Music with great arrangements and intelligent lyrics. Ever listened to music like that? No? Didn’t think so. That’s why you’re reading this review…

Nasty and uncalled for, right? It was as if he was writing this while having his PMS.

Anyway, I have an advice for you dude. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. And stop being such a prick so negative. Channel your negativity/agression somewhere else.


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