Do you remember the time when…

I have to apologise to those reading this because I’m still on the subject of NKOTB 😛 So please bear with me.

I found a really cool article written by a female fan who was reminiscing about what she and her friends remembered about the group when they were small. 

I think I recall buying one of those NKOTB button badges when I was a dorky secondary schoolgirl in Ipoh. I don’t know why I did because I hate button badges. I think I pinned them on my schoolbag.

I remember badly wanting to join NKOTB’s official fan club but couldn’t afford the registration fees. Maybe I even wrote Jordan or Joey a letter professing my admiration. I know for sure that I wrote to Keanu Reeves, like, twice *lol*

I rarely missed reading Teen Beat, Big Bopper and whathaveyous. These magazines would carry catalogues of NKOTB memorabilia – like dolls, bedspread, t-shirts etc. Oh, how I wished to have my own NKOTB bed spread, so that I could fall asleep and wake up with the five boys. *I know, I was so lame.*

Now that I’m 30 and employed, I can very well afford to join NKOTB’s Official Fan Club, their bed sheet and whatnot if I wanted to. But I think what I’d want more now is an interview with them (I interviewed Jojo a few years ago so an interview with NKOTB is not entirely impossible) and tickets to their concert (preferably) in KL.

Maybe I should start practicing the power of suggestion. Repeat after me: I will interview NKOTB. I will go to see them in concert in KL. *lol*


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