(I)pa n(i)ma?

I got myself a new handbag today. It was totally unplanned. We had a “small” housewarming gathering and J@ja, my husband’s cousin, came with two attractive looking handbags and announced that she was selling them. It costs a freaking lot by my standard (more than RM300) but I bought it because she was willing to accept payment by instalment 🙂

Anyway, the brand is Ipa-Nima (from Hanoi). I have heard of Ipanema sandals but Ipa-Nima bags? Nope. But apparently, the brand counts the likes of Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea, Kelly Osbourne, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Martha Stewart – yes, THE Martha Stewart – among its fans. Ipa-Nima has even got its own wiki page.

This is how my bag looks like (picture courtesy of Tongue in Chic).


Imagine this bag in black and white.

Another cousin bought an Ipa-Nima handbag in Arnala as seen here. I kinda like the Ipa-Nima signature bag seen on this website. Funky design and colour. Wonder how much that one costs? The Murakami Weekender bag is sweet as well, don’t you think?

I wish I had discovered the brand before I went to Hanoi earlier this year. At least I would have made an effort to check out Ipa-Nima’s you-can’t-miss-the-building-because-it’s-pink boutique. Well, maybe next time.

Anyway, I’m definitely showing off my new ridiculously expensive handbag tomorrow. Oooo.. how exciting!

P/S: Ipa-Nima is available in Malaysia. Visit for stores.


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