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Organised chaos

It’s past midnight and I should really go to bed but I feel obliged to blog. I feel kinda guilty that my last blog entry was more than a week ago. Of course I don’t HAVE to blog but I’m thinking, it’s kind of ironic that although I have been doing so well with “getting organised”, I DON’T have 30 minutes to blog.

So, yeah, I’ve been diligently using Remember The Milk to jot down my to-do list. It has kept me pretty much on top of my workload. Sure, I still have close to a dozen of pending stories but at least I’m ahead of schedule. For instance, I have completed two stories scheduled for July. That’s a big deal for someone who could never stockpile her stories before. Just the knowledge of having a stockpile makes me calmer and so determined to keep up the good work.

I don’t know how long I can keep this up, though. Just one reaction story can throw off my to-do list in an instant. But when that happens, I guest I’m just gonna have to grin and bear it and then hop on the bandwagon again. It’s just the nature of the job. So, I can’t complain (too much).

I may not been able to blog a lot but I HAVE managed to finish reading an ebook titled Time Management for Creative People. It’s full of useful advice and tips on how to be more organised if your job requires lots of creativity.

A lot of people believe that being organised messes with the creative process. Author Marc Maguinness argues that a disorganised mind actually interrupts the flow of creativity. It makes sense when you think about it. It is hard to be creative when you’re always worried that you are forgetting something important, like a deadline or that you need to prepare for that all-important meeting.

I like the ebook so much that I’ve already emailed the ebook to my work neighbour RP. Maybe I’ll forward the mail to my other colleagues too. If you need a copy, just let me know, k?

So that’s one item I have crossed off my list.

Speaking of my list, it says here that I’m suposed to blog about Paolo Coelho’s The Witch of Portobello (TWOP) which I managed to finish in two weeks. TWO WEEKS! That’s a record for me.

How did I do it? Well, I read the book whenever I had a toilet break, lunch break and whenever I manage to find time.


Overall, the book has been a joy to read. I found it a bit confusing and long-winded at first but really hard to put down once I became more familiar with the characters in the book. For those who have never read this book and don’t have the patience for long-winded novels, you will be delighted to know that TWOP is potentially one of those breezy books which you can either read in one sitting or bit by bit because of the narrative format it was written.

The book is a long interview transcript of the people who “knew Athena (aka the Witch of Portobello) or hardly at all” by an unnamed author/interviewer. There are no actual chapters to this book, which makes it easier for slow readers like me to finish it. I could choose to stop after one “account” of Athena or continue reading until I was tired.

I have to warn you that it is easy to lose the plot especailly when Athena or Edda (her friend and fellow “witch” is “talking” because they can get a bit philosophical. You’ll be thinking, what the heck are they going on about? Mother? Vortex? Hera? Goddess? But stick to it and you won’t be sorry that you did. I didn’t see the ending coming (literally) at all because partly you have been lulled and led to believe that Athena hadn’t been truthful about certain elements in her life.

Anyway, I’m currently back to reading The Pact – a love story and teenage suicide pact tale all in one. I can’t wait until I get to the high court drama part of the book. Right now, I’m forced to read “flashbacks” and steamy scenes which I think are irrelevant. But I guess I’m still too early in the book to know that for sure.

Oklah. Time for bed. BTW, I’m going to Penang again this weekend for work. What are the odds of that happening, huh? Third time in two months? Hmmm…. At least, hopefully I can catch up on some reading and blogging there. Let’s hope the hotel has free broadband…hah… I wish….

P/S: I just got my July copy of Self and there is an article which says that a little bit of mess — your desk, you’re to-do list — is good for your career. Interesting….Will update on that soon.

2 thoughts on “Organised chaos”

  1. The fact you managed to find time to read (and finish!) two books in the last 2 weeks shows that you’ve been managing your time very well!! I’m merely reading a manga at the moment and it’s taking me over a month to finish it! lol

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