(Window) shopping for a new phone

Time: 11:26am

I’m shopping for a new phone. Well, window shoping because it’s not like I can afford a new phone right now as the phones that I want normally cost no less than RM1000 🙂

Anyway, I have been looking at some Nokia models particularly N73 Music Edition. After my MusicExpress phone, I realised that I’m not really a Blackberry type of girl. I love Qwerty keyboards, large screens, surfing the Internet wirelessly from my phone and all that BUT if I can’t take nice, clear pictures in a jify ; record myself singing on a whim; camwhore in the toilet when no one’s looking or record an interview on my phone – I’m not going to be very happy with that phone.

I was more than happy to buy my old phone back – because it does all of the above – but my husband says that I should upgrade. I suppose he’s right. If I’m going to get a new phone, I might as well make it a really “new” one, in every sense of the word.

N73 boasts Carl Zeis camera lenses which means that it takes great videos too. The Music edition comes with 2gb inbox memory, perfect for my sms-hoarding habits! It has two cameras – front and back – which is great for camwhoring and it has dedicated music and camera buttons, so that’s brilliant.

So I think N73 is the phone that I will get as soon as I have some money to burn. The question is: when will that happen? 😛


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