*I wrote this last night*

Life is so short. Everyone knows this. But it is only when a loved one — human or pet — passes away that you realise how short life is.

I often tell myself that I won’t regret anything in the past but now barely minutes after our pet cat Jr was run over by my husband’s car, I do regret not paying closer attention to him today.

During the day, JR spent the most part of his day in our room. He was playing by himself like he had never done before. He’s about two years old but I had never seen him as playful as he is this past few days. He’s more playful, attention-seeking than before. This morning, he invited himself to our room and was snuggling on my husband’s feet. Then as I was doing some work, he played by himself and fell asleep at the edge of our bed, inches away from my chair. When my husband and I came back from KLCC today around dinner time, we found him asleep on our bed. I just left him on his own. As I was doing my work — feeling grumpy because I had so much work to do — I heard that he had tried to snuggle up next to our guest (husband’s cousin’s girlfriend) who was afraid of cats. And then I don’t know what happened to him.

He must have slipped outside when someone opened the front door. The silly boy must have slipped out of the front gate and fallen asleep under my husband’s car which was parked outside of the gate. I have never seen Jr do that — sleep under a car.

My husband accidentally ran him over when he was leaving for futsal about 11pm just now. That in itself is weird because he hasn’t gone for futsal in months.

Come to think of it, I had wiped Jr’s nose with a tissue today the first time since he started sneezing (apparently it has sinus problem), the way moms wipe their baby’s noses because he was actually starting to make a small puddle from his sneezing *smiles*

I guess it was all meant to be. I may have ignored Jr a little today but I had spent a lot of time with it this past few weeks. I had fed it, clean the kitty litter and played with it. Sure, I got annoyed when it started to ask for the food that I was eating but I’m glad I didn’t kick it or do anything mean like that. At least I had good memories with this cat. I’m really going to miss him.

P/S: We buried Jr in front of the house. My tears well up every time I look around the room at the places where he had been today — the couch, the bed, the edge of the bed. I will really miss him.

PP/S: I’m not mad at my husband. I think all this is fated. I just wish I had more time with Jr. I was beginning to grow fond of it. But guess God loves him more.


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