The woman in the closet

When people are desperate, they can do many unspeakable things. I won’t say what this homeless woman did is unspeakable, but she’s pretty desperate to have done it.

I’ve heard of people living in a secret room under the house but to live secretly in someone else’s closet FOR A YEAR is something else. I mean, a closet isn’t all that big. But since she could hide there for about a year, it must be either a very big closet or a very messy one.

I’m trying to imagine what a “normal” day in that house was like for her.

She probably wakes up every morning and makes sure that she doesn’t make a sound until she hears the front door is locked. She probably waits for about five or 10 minutes to make sure that the house owner has truly left the building. Then she leaves the closet and goes to the bathroom to ease herself and to shower. It must be hell not to be able to wake up in the middle of the night to pee, lest the home owner hears her. She must have gone through great lengths to make sure that she doesn’t make a mess. She probably mopped the bathroom floor after she uses it.

But the thing about us human is that we need to eat for energy. Without money, she can’t well go out and buy herself a meal. No matter how clean she keeps the place, the food that she took from the fridge ain’t going to replenish itself. The owner will replenish it but he’s definitely going to notice that he has been grocery shopping for two!

I’m trying to imagine her fear when she knew people were looking for her… searching room from room…hearing their voices coming closer and closer. And then suddenly, they found her! The shame and the humiliation!!

I wonder if she does any laundry? She probably does and has to make sure that the clothes are dry before the end of the day. The house may have a dryer, so that solves one problem. Since she is in her late 50s, she’s probably menopaused, so she doesn’t need sanitary napkins. That solves another problem. But how about during weekends? What happens when the owner doesn’t leave the home at all?

Now that the woman has been caught, I wonder how the home owner feels? Does he feel sorry for her? Does he think about her?

I wish I knew the answers.

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