Jason and the eyelash curler :P

You’ve just gotta love Jason Castro. I’m learning new things about him every day, thanks to all the post-Idol interviews. Everything that I’m learning about him so far has been heartwarming.

Below is an excerpt of an article which demonstrates how truly relieved he was to be out of the show.

Walker then says that his backstage source at the show reveals that devil may care dude in dreadlocks Jason Castro blithely zipped in and out in under 10 minutes! “Incredibly, he was so chill that when the psychologist asked him into the office, Jason politely tried to blow him off,” said the source.

And here, an American Idol makeup artist shares how she “converted” Jason Castro to embrace the eyelash curler!

And don’t be fooled be his dreadlocks and lazy demeanor; Jason Castro embraced Mezhgan’s makeup case as well. According to Mezhgan, he fell hard for the eyelash curler, which made his blue eyes “pop,” without the use of mascara. “Now he insists on it,” said Mezhgan. “There’s no way we can forget about it.”

After reading about him and his fascination for the eyelash curler, how can you NOT find Jason Castro endearing?

P/S: It’s hilarious how people see him as “lazy”. I don’t think he’s lazy. He’s just laid back!

PP/S: Note to self: Download video of the Top 10 interview with Larry King for iPod.


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