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May isn’t for me

I’m beginning to think that May isn’t my lucky month. Let me tell you why I say so:

Week 1
I had to write a last minute cover story on late Labour Day afternoon — the irony of it — because there were problems with the original cover story. Based on my advise, my boss decided that we pull out the original story and the sidebar. On Friday (the next day), the team made every possible effort to remove the stories, lay out the new story and proof read the page — all within a few hours.

On Sunday morning, I got an sms from the an advertiser saying that she was disappointed that the article came out despite us agreeing that it won’t. What’s more, the article appeared without a byline and pictures.

Guess what? The page was output twice, the second time unfortunately the one with the not-supposed-to-be-released side story. This was done by accident, due to a miscommunication. The funny thing is, pages which are output twice would normally cause the production team on level three to make a quick call to the graphic artists’ department to ask if the output was made on purpose or accident — even if the pages were identical. That day, no one made an enquiry call.

All these happened Friday night after I had gone home. There was no way I could have prevented it unless I had stayed until midnight and continued to bug the graphics artists with my page. But how was I to know, eh?

So, yeah, damage control had to be done and I got myself a new assignment — to interview the advertiser for another article. The article which had to be pulled out is “still being written”.

Week 2

My husband got into an accident on the NKVE highway en route to Sg Buloh the day before I was to leave for Penang. He was fine but the front of his car wasn’t. The car is still in the Perodua workshop undergoing some facial reconstruction. The damage is estimated to be about RM3k. Hmmm.

Then on Friday night, the first time I was able to squeeze in time for the gym in what seems like eternity, I lost my phone. I think it slipped out of my handbag seconds —literally — after I called my husband to ask him where he was parked. I was already outside of the building and he was just outside of the office gate. I realised that my phone was missing on Saturday mid-morning. When we called the phone, it was ringing for a whole Saturday afternoon but no one picked up the phone. I put up a notice on the office intranet pleading for anyone who saw/took my phone to return it to me. But I suppose if the person had wanted to, he or she would have answered when my husband and dad’s called on Saturday. Chances of my being reunited with my phone again? Nil.

Week 3

I spilled half of my sirap drink all over the pantry counter.

So yeah, I don’t think May is my lucky month.



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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