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About CSI and AI

This week, Sara Siddle (a character played by Jorja Fox) left the Vegas’ CSI Team. I saw the episode three times — only the second time in full. At first, it left me puzzled as to why she decided to leave. But after seeing the complete episode, I understood her reasons and even thought it was poignant (enough to cry). She was never really my favourite character in the show (Grissom, Warrick, Katherine and Craig are) but it’s still sad to see her leave.

Anyway, American Idol was particularly entertaining for me this week since it was Mariah Carey week. After years of being told NOT to do Mariah songs, the contestants are actually made to pick from her song book. Everyone raved about David Cook’s rock version of Always Be My Baby. I thought it was a decent cover but I’m not loving it so much.

Brooke White and Cook both admitted that it was a very tough week for them and that made their performances very “emotional”. It could be because both of them had hated Mariah with a passion before. They were probably the very people who had bitched about her in the past. I’m not saying I know for sure but something tells me they’re not a fan of MC, and I’m not counting on them being fans of Britney Spears either *lol*.

Anyway, I enjoyed watching the performances. I thought many of them interpreted Mariah’s songs interestingly. I actually loved Jason Castro’s I Don’t Wanna Cry. The Spanish guitar in the song must have “spoken” to him and suggested that he do a beach louwow (spelling anyone?) version of it 😛 He was pitchy here and there but it was overall a pleasant song.

Good or bad, one thing is for sure, none of the singers could out-sing Mariah. The so-called most talented batch of AI couldn’t even NOT botch One Sweet Day. One of the girls let rip a horrible note — during one of the adlib parts — and I think it was Syesha. And I’m wondering why Brooke had to sing in such a low note.

Anyway, I heard from SP that next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s week. Good luck to all the contestants on interpreting his songs, especially to David Cook. SP said that his songs are kinda loopy. Well, break a leg contestants!

Ok, time to go to bed. Later alligators!



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