American Idol

Have you haird (heard)?

Never in the history of American Idol have the contestants made so much hoopla based on their hair. Okay, so Sanjaya’s hair was googled a lot but this year, two guys’ hair (or should I say lack of hair) have been gaining a lot of attention on the WWW too. They are Robbie Carrico — who was kicked out this week — and David Cook. Carrico has been accused of wearing wigs/hair extension whereas Cook apparently is a fan of backcombing ala a certain Malaysian politician.

It’s hilarious, I tell ya! I have noticed Carrico’s suspiciously matted hair but it never occured to me that he could possibly be wearing a wig or hair extensions. As for Cook, I too noticed the extra shiny spot on his forehead, gingerly covered by his wispy “bangs”.

I feel sorry for these two guys. I mean here they are trying to make their best impression to the American and world music fans suddenly one of their biggest covers have been blown. I’m sure they were a little insecure about their hair because if they were not — the way whathisname Soul Patrol/last year’s Idol didn’t bother to dye his salt-and-pepper hair black during the show — they wouldn’t have gone through great lengths to wear a wig or backcomb. Both contestants have kept mum about their hair.

One website I found put it so well. Cook’s backcombing, says the website, is equivalent to a guy who is lying but his friends don’t have the heart to tell him that he is lying *lol*. As for Carrico’s “is it or is it not?” mane situation, I think it’s not important anymore now that he’s out of the competition. Btw, did you know he used to date Britney Spears when she first came out with her album? There are pictures on the Internet to prove that they were once an item. I think that’s the best piece of news I have heard today *lol*.


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