I’ll never break your heart, I’ll never make you cry

Backstreet Boys Kuala Lumpur Unbreakable Tour FEB’ 2008

I was there last night but I didn’t stand as far as this person did. In fact, I was just next to the stage (on the left). I got a clear view of all of the BSB members! Too bad, I didn’t bring my camera because I really wasn’t planning to go until I got two free tickets which I had to give away in the end and buy my own tickets. It’s a long story… never mind.

The point is, I was there!

It was a lot of fun except for this teenager who stood next to us who kept on screaming even at inappropriate times. My friend even had a little altercation with her. But trust me, he was just a brave soul who actually told the girl to pipe down. People at the back — we stood at the front of the red tape line — were also shaking their heads in disapproval of this girl.

When my friend told her off, she actually told him to go stand somewhere else. Hello, you’re not the only one paying to see the concert. And no, no one wants to hear you screech, sing out of tune and shout Nick Katar! Nick Katar! (that’s how she pronounced Nick Carter) hoping to get his attention.

I have news for you honey, Nick Katar ain’t interested! He didn’t even look our way; quite sombong lah. He looked so serious on stage like he takes himself so seriously. Bosanlah!

Unlike Brian who is such a sweetheart. He stood facing us on the side three times at least. And his voice is just like caramel – sweet and lemak 😛 I {heart} Brian!

My favourite AJ Mclean — who did you think I named my blog address after? — was less friendly than Brian but at least he interacted with the crowd AND he came to our side. I love his raspy voice! Gosh, I wish I had brought my camera. Sure clear muka AJ!

It was also clear to me that he is balding — he has receding hairline. You could see it he took of his hat for when the group was doing the dance moves for All I Have To Give (the one involving the hats, like in the music video). But I still love him – receding hairline or not!

Howie was alright, I guess. He never was my favourite. Nick was never my favorite AT ALL.

The group did some songs from their new album which I’m not familiar with. So I didn’t sing during those songs but everyone sang along during the more familiar ones – like As Long As You Love Me, The Call, Everyone, The One, Quit Playing Games With My Heart, The Shape of My Heart, Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely etc.

I don’t know about the others but I’m quite used to seeing BSB concerts in the States (on TV and videos). In comparison, last night’s performance was just a fraction of what the BSB was/is capable of. I felt a little sad that they didn’t bring along the costume they used when performing Backstreet’s Back Alright! which was shown on tv. I felt a little shortchanged. But when the concert is held at Snway Lagoon and the tickets are priced at just RM88 standing only, what do you expect? It felt more like a showcase than a real concert.

I guess I should be thankful that I can now say that I have been to a BSB concert considering that I was such a big fan of them for at least 10 of their 15 years.

To BSB, thank you for coming to Malaysia.

To the organiser and management of the venue, you have to shape up. Many things could have gone wrong — people getting hurt — last night post concert. The escalator going backwards at 2x the normal speed when roughly about 50 people were on them is NOT ON!

I mean, there was a big crowd of maybe 80 people waiting to go on the escalator. What would have happened if we — the people on the escalator going on the reverse — had crashed on those people and they had crashed on the other say 60 people on the escalator going up? Sapa nak jawab?

It was probably smarter to switch the escalator off or put the speed at really slow, so that people can decide whether to enjoy the ride of walk because it’s faster. People will be complaining about having to climb the flights of stairs but at least no one gets crushed to death!

Oklah, enough ranting. I’m glad I went to see BSB last night. There were things I regretted — such as not bringing my camera and choosing a spot next to that screeching girl – but overall, it was a memorable experience. Can’t wait for my next concert. Celine Dion perhaps?


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