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What do I want for my big 3-0

I turn 30 on Monday. Yay, happy birthday to me!

Before my husband and I left the house for Sunway Pyramid just now — he needed to send his 02 phone for servicing — he asked me if I wanted shoes for my birthday. If he had asked me this last year, I would probably have jumped at the suggestion. But today, I told him: “No, I’d rather wait for my upcoming Singapore trip to get myself a pair of C&K“. I didn’t even suggest to him something else to buy. Because the truth is, I have no idea what I want for my big 3-0.

A surprise party would be nice, I guess, but I don’t think anyone is that free to throw me one 😛 And I’m not expecting it either. I’d be surprised if anyone wished me happy birthday on Monday 🙂

I passed by Message just now but I resisted going in there because I hate trying on clothes and not buying any. When I try on something at Message, I ALWAYS go home with something. But I had spent RM600 on my last visit there — I am NOT KIDDING — when got my bonus last year, so I feel kind of guilty getting myself new clothes again. I spent a lot on pants the last time and, if you notice, pants tend to cost more than tops. So if you spend around RM100 on a pair of pants than imagine how much it would cost if you bought 5 pairs plus some tops? Yep, that should cost you RM600. But I don’t regret it at all because now I have a lot of options for nice fitting pants to wear to the office and on the weekends.

So, no new clothes for me on this birthday!

If I were to get myself anything, it would probably be a laptop bag. (Yeah, I’m boring, I know). That’s what I would consider a splurge but a practical kind of splurge. If I had more money, I’d get myself a new laptop. But nah, it’s too soon to get a new one. But I was planning get a new one later this year. I was thinking of giving this laptop to my brother in Tg Tualang so that he will have a faster machine to surf the Internet on and do work with. Aren’t I generous? 😛

Anyway, it’s okaylah. Tomorrow, I have a movie date with my sister at The Curve and I will see what I can get for myself from the mall or the flee market. Later!



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

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