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Girls night

Again, this commentary is redundant now that the whole world knows the results for the American Idol: Top 20 via the WWW. But here are my thoughts on the girls, anyway….

Kristy Lee Cook was the unlucky contestant No 1. The first thing I noticed about her was how Barbie-like she was. I love her eyes. There’s something very pretty and innocent about them. She sang Rescue Me. It was alright. Not bad but not exceptionally good either. It was not forgettable to me because I will always remember how pretty her eyes are 🙂

I think it was Brooke White who sang next. Happy Together is one of those seemingly easy song. But once you sing it, you realise “shit, this song is kinda hard to sing and I can actually sound out of tune doing this”. In Brooke’s case, she sounded plain doing this song. Actually, I feared for her when I heard her audition. She has one of those voices that can be easily drowned when singing in a group. But I liked her body language, singing like she meant every single word that she sang. But I wasn’t feeling it so much.

I really can’t recall who sang after Brooke, so I’ll just go straight ahead to Amy Davis. I believe she was the one who sang Blue Bayou for her golden ticket. I think the judges were either really tired or on something illegal when they gave her that yellow piece of paper. She sounded so plain and pitchy to me. I didn’t see her Hollywood rounds so I can’t say how well she sang but her version of Where The Boys Are was worse and more boring than the original. I actually enjoy the original version. I was NOT surprised at all that Amy was kicked out of the show.

Alaina Whitaker (the Carrie Underwood look-alike) is surprisingly good. I didn’t expect that at all from the 16-year-old high school jr. She’s a natural on stage and I dare say more confident than Carrie was on her Top 12 girls’ performance. I love her rendition of More Today Than Yesterday. I think one of the guys did the same song and her version is much better, no? She made the song fun, young and so effortless. I’m rooting for her.

I loved Alexandrea (pronounced Alex-andre-a) Lushington’s confidence on stage. She moved like a female rapper and I envied how her pants fit on her 🙂 But her vocals was, I don’t know, not quite there. Spinning Wheel is a good song choice but it was too big for her. Better luck next time, Alex-andrea.

Respiratory nurse Amanda Overmyer’s performance was something which I really looked forward to. I agree with Paula: so what if she’s a one trick pony (or rather nurse)? But I didn’t love her song choice (Baby, Please Don’t Go). I thought she sounded awful on the skatting part. Note to Amanda, never ever skat again. But no prizes for guessing that she will move on to the next stage of the contest.

I didn’t see Asia’h Epperson’s singing so I shall not comment on it.

But I did see Carly Smithson sing. As she was singing, she struck me as someone who looks very European. Well, she is Irish. Anyway, she did The Shadow of Your Smile, which I thought had put the black contestants to shame, especially Joanne Borgella. No offense to Joanne but her rendition of Say A Little Prayer For You must have made the judges want to kick themselves for allowing her to even go to Hollywood. It was awful, bordering on grotesque (to borrow Simon’s words for Danny Noriega’s performance). Back to Carly, I would say she closed the show on a high note. Her singing reminds me of Christina Aguilera’s but not quite there yet. But between Carly and Alaina, I’d still choose Alaina.

I thought Kady Malloy (the Britney Spears impersonator) had a nice tone to her voice. Very big and deep. But impersonators always have a problem finding their own identity and that was what Kady was struggling with, I think. I’m glad she wasn’t kicked out. I’d like to see her sing something else. Maybe a Britney Spears’ song in Kady’s own voice?

Being an Asian, I was looking forward to seeing Ramiele Malubay’s performance but never got the chance to see it. I didn’t like her audition much but the little that I caught of the playback for the Top 12 Girls was alright by me. Glad she’s going to another round.

I think Syesha Mercado can sing and I’m very familiar with the song she did too because Carrie Underwood remade that song and I have the MP3, not knowing that it was not Carrie’s original song. But she’s just not doing it for me. She reminds me too much of that other girl whom Simon likened to a “steak in a world of hamburgers”. Bad analogy and bad judge of singing talent. Where is she now? Who knows (or even cares)? I can’t even remember her name… so go figure!

I think I covered all 12 girls. So who was voted out? Joanne Bogella and Amy Davis. Will we ever hear from them again? I doubt it, really, really doubt it.



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