The tummy diaries: Day 1

I took two tablets on Sunday (one for lunch and another for dinner – on top of the two Immodium I swallowed on Saturday because of the “incident”). This morning, I woke up at 5am to do some Pilates to wake me up before I start my day. Good thing I woke up early because I needed the loo four times by the time it was 8am. Welcome to the life of an IBS sufferer 🙂

By the fourth visit to the john, I was getting paranoid. I almost told my husband, “know what? I’m just gonna stay home today”. But I wasn’t going to let my irritable gut control my life. No way! So, I grit my teeth and went into the car. Traffic jam even before we reached tol batu tiga! Great, just what I needed!

So I reclined my seat – so glad I don’t drive – and closed my eyes, trying to stay as relaxed as possible throughout the journey. Before I knew it, I was at work.

I made one more pit stop before breakfast and that was the last pit stop for doing No 2. I could even walk all the way from the office to data_ran mayb_ank to do some banking. On the way, I worried that I’d suddenly need the loo despite having downed two pills (one for breakfast and the other for lunch) but my stomach was at its best behaviour. Now I am home at 11pm and my tummy feels fine.

I haven’t taken a pill since having dinner. I actually don’t plan to. Today, I’m going to stick to just two tablets for now. I don’t want to overdo it and be constipated!

The test is definitely tomorrow morning. Will I need the loo four times tomorrow? Will my toilet habits be regular (again) in every sense of the word? I really don’t know. But if my stomach feels funny tomorrow morning, I’ma take another pill for dinner. Till then. Later alligator!


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