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Inspiration on a lazy saturday afternoon

If you’re planning to lose weight or simply get fitter this year (like me), this letter from a woman who lost 500 pounds should give you the motivation to live healthier.

Nancy Makin (click here for image) was invited as a guest on Oprah to share her weight loss secret two years ago. How did she do it? Human interaction – whether it is face-to-face or online. When she was 500-pounds overweight, Nancy was too ashamed to leave her house. But she still craved human interaction and found it online. Nancy visited many websites where people discuss politics and before long, she was making friends with them and exchanging more than political views with them.

Communicating online took her mind off food which she believed was her crutch. Nancy didn’t even realise that she had slimmed down until her cat startled her when it jumped on the arm rest of the chair she was sitting on as she was typing on her computer. Previously, there wasn’t even an inch of space for the feline to jump on.

Years of being voluntarily locked up at her home meant that Nancy was unaware of many changes which had take place in the “real world”.

My life is so changed. I had not driven a car since 1987. I had to ask the service station attendant whether my car took unleaded gasoline. I got the oddest look from him. I had never seen the digital scanners used at the grocery store or a can crushing machine. Tall buildings had appeared downtown in my absence; places that were fields a dozen years before were now shopping malls. I can now go and stay overnight at my son’s house, play ball in the yard with my two grandsons or feed ducks in the park. I had dreamt for years of sitting in long, lush grass and wriggling my toes through it, believing that that day would never come to me again. And yet it did come.

wrote Nancy in her letter to Oprah.

Nancy lost the 530 pounds without pills or dieting. If Nancy can loose that much, you and I who need to lose that extra 10 or 20 pounds can surely do the same.

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