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Happy Federal Territory day!

January whizzed by so fast, I didn’t even have time to reflect on what the heck happened last month. Oh yes. Apart from work and more work, I managed to squeeze in some time for entertainment. On Jan 27, I went to see Anugerah Juara Lagu at Stadium Nasional and just a few hours ago, I was at Sh3ila Maj1d’s charity concert.

First up, I have a confession. Sh3ila Majid has not registered as one of my favourite singers in years. I grew up listening to her songs but since the Ratu album, I was not into her anymore. But when the offer for free tickets for two to watch her concert came my way on Thursday, even I surprised myself when I said yes. I thought I’d go with my husband but he said he wasn’t very keen. So I thought of my brother who – as far as I remember – was a big fan.

So, after a shopping outing with my department – we were helping our new colleague update his wardrobe … long story… I’ll update you on this later – I rushed home and had only an hour to get ready for the concert. I picked my red and white dress which I bought from Tawau and paired it with my shoes from Charles and Keith. I wasn’t so sure about the dress code. I may have been over-dressed but I’d rather be over-dressed than under if you know what I mean.

My husband who had made plans to chill with his friends in KL sent me to the lrt asiajaya station where I took the train to klcc. I went straight to mdm kwan’s for dinner with our gracious host the peeps from T-to-the-M. They were the ones who gave me and a bunch of other writers complimentary tickets worth RM200. We had dinner, chatted and walked together to the convention centre. I didn’t realise that the convention centre has a plenary hall which is a huge auditorium.

The hall wasn’t full. We were seated at the row before last, way up there and we could see about 7 rows on the right side of the stage were practically empty. But after the first set, the usherers told us we could fill the empty seats in front of us. So we did.

The concert started out a little slow. She sang Warna and Pengemis Muda first. They were familiar songs; I could actually sing along to them but something was missing. It was only after she started singing the P Ramlee songs from her Lagenda album that the concert became alive, for me at least. Things picked up even more after she invited everyone to dance.

My favourite part of the concert would be the P Ramlee songs – especially Engkau Laksana Bulan when she was accompanied by the Indonesian violinist Henry somethingorother. OMG, he is so f*ing good. You had to be there to know what I mean. I wish I could youtube the guy right now and show you how good he is 🙂

I had a really good time at the concert. I didn’t expect to enjoy myself this much considering that I’m a bigger fan of CT than Sheila these days. I still think that if it had been a CT concert, the hall would have been fuller. But I’m not sure if CT can command the stage the way Sheila did. Sheila’s stage presence is superb. Well, she has been in the biz for 20 years.

Now, I vow to sing her songs the next time I go karaoke-ing. I want to learn how to sing Ku Pohon so that I can pick the song next time I karaoke. I don’t know why I always overlook Sheila when I karaoke because I know a lot of her songs and I know I can carry the tunes. Tak per lah. There is always a next time. Hmmm… maybe tomorrow at the club? That’s an idea.

Oh btw Princess, your hubby was there showing his support for Sheila. Of course, Tun Dr M and wife were also there as the patron of the 1JN, the organiser of the charity event. They were really committed because they stayed throughout the concert. Some VIPs would creep out quietly mid-show. But not this couple. I didn’t even see them leave the hall for a bathroom break. Cayalah *lol*

Anyway, I shall suggest the karaoke plan to my husband later. In the mean time, I better get some sleep. Later alligator! In a while, crocodile! wtf

P/S: I bought a new pilates video from Denise Austin from Speedy. There were a bunch of new dvds but I could only afford one first. I hope to try it tomorrow.



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