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Good luck to you man!

I got a little scared when a colleague — not Si Polan — told me she read my blog (about Si Polan).

At first I felt that I may have done the wrong thing when I blogged about Si Polan. Then I realised that I’m actually doing many people a favour.

I seriously don’t want other people in the office to fall for his “over promise under deliver” ways. In our business, being reliable is everything. I mean, we rely on reliable sources and be accountable for our work. So his “say one thing, do another” trait is totally not on.

Although it’s terribly embarrassing for him, I swear it is THE TRUTH. I did not embellish anything about the events which had happened. I didn’t name my blog The truth and nothing but the truth for nothing you know!

In case he or his friends are reading, do know that the news desk have discussed him, in passing, in their meeting last Friday. They thought he was on leave but discovered that he was AWOL. I’m not exaggerating y’all! Literally, absent without leave.

For the record, he never showed up after being told that he was now in a new department.

On Wed at noon, he informed us that he was on MC. A few hours later, he was informed by my boss that he has to report to the new section the next morning at 9am.

9-ish the next day, he sms-ed me for my boss’ number. I replied and he sms-ed her that he was shocked by the news she conveyed her yesterday and that he needed a day to think about things and to please convey his message favourably to his new section.

She told him that she’s no longer his superior and he’d better come in to the office that day (I was gonna say he’d better get his ass to the office pronto but that would be embellishing *lol*) as it is the decision of the top bosses. We didn’t see him at all that day or yesterday.

Do know that former staff who have caught whiff of this fiasco are having a good laugh. Just like in the old days, they’re betting on how long he will survive. They think he ain’t gonna show AT ALL. A very competent writer at the office thinks he “will die” at the new section. She’s female and she survived no problem. So, ada berani?

If you’re reading this, dude do the right thing. The last I check, you still have a job. Be a man and face the music. If you think you’ve been victimised, read through your employment contract and I think you will see a clause about transfers and that sorta thing. Many people have had some of their best memories in news. Try it, you might even like it. But whatever you do, take on the challenge or leave the establishment, wake up and smell the roses. Clean up your act, keep your nose clean and please, no more empty promises. You owe it to yourself to change a new leaf this 2008. Good luck to you man!



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

One thought on “Good luck to you man!

  1. ahahahahaha! well, he’s still MIA alright.. LOL. wished i could join in the betting team to see if he’s gonna stay, go or never appear at all in order to hide the huge wound inflicted upon his universal ego…unfortunately, i’m fasting. DO GOOD, SEE GOOD, HEAR GOOD. * BLINK* BLINK*

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