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Everyday makeup

Some time after raya, I ordered free samples of everyday minerals makeup of their website. I had first read about this Internet-only brand on michelle’s blog. When I checked youtube, at least three makeup enthusiasts had good things to say about the brand. So, I decided to try the product myself.

The only investment I had to make was pay USD5.99 for shipping/handling. After doing the conversion, I realised that it wouldn’t really hurt my purse to order the free samples online. Three weeks later, the package was on my office desk.

everyday minerals1

I received 5 small jars, each the size of 50 sen coins. The height is about a stack of RM1.80 or RM2 twenty cent (Malaysian) coins. They came stacked on top of each other and rolled up in brown paper inside a white average-sized envelope. The lid is brown and on it is written the name of the brand. The bottom of the jar is clear/plastic.

everyday minerals2

everyday minerals3

Btw, I get to pick three shades of foundation, one shade of concealer and one shade of blush for my sample kit.

I actually went to youtube to watch demos on how to apply mineral makeup. Mineral makeup looks and feels just like talcum powder, except that it comes in different hues. I discovered that it is best to apply mineral makeup using a big fluffy brush. You can get your cheap makeup brushes – foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and other brushes – for under RM100 per set from Elianto.

Get a deep lid, something like the lid for your loose powder (from Silkygirl or Maybelline) and tap the back of the jar to release the mineral makeup in small amounts. The jars have sifters so you have to tap the back of the jars with your finger to “release” the makeup.

Once you’ve tapped enough powder onto/into the lid, dip your makeup brush into the lid, tap off excess powder and apply to skin. If its powder concealer you’re applying, the motion you use is tapping or dabbing on the dark areas/blemishes. If it’s foundation that you’re applying, use circular, buffering motion all over your face. You also apply blusher in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks – try smiling and notice the raised part of your cheeks; those are the apples of your cheeks.

My personal makeup routine is to first moisturise my face and neck with Olay Total Effects in SPF15. Then, I dab my cream Elianto concealer to my undereye circles and other spotty/blemished/dark areas such as under the lips, on the sides of my nostrils. I also apply concealer under/on the arch of my eyebrows and inner eye corner (near the bridge of the nose) to make them stand out. I’m really paranoid about my blemishes so after the cream concealer, I put on mineral concealer using the dabbing/tapping motion.

After I’m done with concealing, I apply my foundation. I mix two shades of foundation – tan and medium beige warm. Everyday minerals lets you choose three shades of foundations of different finishes (matte, semi-matte and intensive). I chose tan in semi-matte, medium beige warm in semi-matte and intensive. Frankly, tan is too dark for me. Medium beige summer is alright but can look light on me especially after I have applied the powder/cream concealer. So, I mix tan and medium beige summer to get a better a match for my skin tone.

After foundation, I apply two shades of blushes on top of each other. My blush colours are from Elianto. One if bronze and the other is pink/lavender. After blush, I put on Elianto’s RM5 eye shimmers on my eye lids and finish it off with a coat or two of mascara. And that’s it!

My routine takes about 10 minutes, I think. Friends have told me that the result looks professional. But I don’t know. I think I tend to have a heavy hand when applying makeup. So, I always make sure I have tissue to dab excess makeup off my face.

One thing I have noticed is that I have fewer acne since using Everyday Minerals. I didn’t really break out even when I was menstruating. Maybe because Everyday Mineral is made of minerals that are gentler on my skin and non-comedogenic. But always check for the ingredients to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the minerals used. Everyday Mineral’s competitor brand is said to contain an ingredient that makes the skin itch. I won’t mention the name but that brand is available in Malaysia and the price is 2x more expensive.

I can get a basic set of Everyday Mineral makeup for RM150 (including shipping and handling). For that amount of money, I can only get one jar/bottle of foundation for this other brand. So, no prizes for guessing which brand I’m sticking to.

Let me remind you that the makeup I’m using is the sample kit. But, from the generous sample that they have given me, I think it will last me until February.

Now that I’ve been using Everyday Minerals for about two weeks, I can say that the makeup is long-lasting yet easy to wash off with your regular cleanser. It hasn’t caused me to break out (yet). My skin also looks dewy and my makeup look professional. I’m sure using the right brushes and techniques helps to achieve that professional look. I recommend that you search for makeup demos on youtube. I learned a lot from the professional and amateur makeup artistes. Most of them don’t believe in makeup routine that takes ages. So, they have come up with methods that help you get a professional finish and still get to work on time 😛

I also like the product because it’s affordable, even when you’re earning in RM. The product becomes expensive AFTER shipping and handling. The range of colours are wide so there is bound to be one or two colours which suite your skin tone. The website also provide photos of the actual colour of the products so you can have a pretty good guestimate of what will suite you.

All in all, Everyday Minerals is worth checking out.



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

13 thoughts on “Everyday makeup

  1. hi, may i know how did u request for free sample from Mineral Makeup?
    I did notice that ricebunny posted lots of her videos on youtube on Mineral Makeup too!
    Would love to try on the samples.


    p.s: have visited their website but couldn’t find any links for free sample thingy.

  2. Hello,

    I am interested in buying EM makeup but am concerned about customs. Do you mind emailing me at my address so that I ask you more about this?


  3. Just want to give a heads up – just make sure your make-up doesn’t contain Talc. Talc is Asbestos and is actually dangerous, so hopefully your makeup doesn’t contain Talc. But because mineral make-up is a loose powder you want to make sure you mix it with something wet like lotion, really you don’t want to be inhaling anything into your lungs – even if it is a mineral. Mineral’s are rocks and I doubt your lungs can process them.

    I do know about these things – I’m an asbestos analyst.

    This stuff is loose particles of stone, aluminum etc. It creates a cloud of dust that you breathe into your lungs just like miners working in mines – miners lungs is actually a very serious condition.
    New illness only for women – POWDER LUNGS?
    Dont use this dangerous product.
    Elisabeth Aino Sjöberg, architect, Copenhagen, Denmark

  5. Hi, i just wanted to know whether EDM still ship to malaysia. coz i tried getting them from their website and they dont seem to ship to malaysia anymore. its funny coz they do ship to brunei, singapore and thailand, but not malaysia.

    1. For your information, Melissa, I had stopped buying from everyday minerals after hearing from a friend of mine that EM no longer ships to Malaysia. Apparently, many Malaysians who order EM online fail to receive theirs in the mail. I think it has something to do with the customs. I believe EM had officially stopped shipping to Malaysia for this very reason (Malaysians who didn’t get their order complain to EM and the company made an executive decision to stop shipping to Malaysia). I hope my explanation helps.

    1. I think you’ll have better luck if you get a relative/friend from the US to bring it home with him/her in his/her luggage. I really don’t see any other alternative except this one.

      I must stress again that the issue here is that the product is not cleared by the Msian customs. So I think it is pointless to get a friend from overseas to purchase for you and post it to Malaysia as the product will still go through customs via Pos Malaysia.

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