11 pounds.. woops make that 8

I just realised that over the fasting month, I had lost 11 pounds. Actually, I believe I lost more than that – maybe 15? – because I definitely gained a bit more weight after pigging out during Raya. But last week, I weighed myself and I have gained 1kg. I’m still at 56kg today. That means I lost 11 and gained 3. Damn!

Oh well. Losing 11 or even 8 pounds is STILL a big deal, right? I mean, it took me FOUR years to be 55kg again. Seriously! So how can I not be happy about losing the weight in a matter of months? That would be doing myself injustice.

Anyway, I promise, promise, promise NOT to be obsessed by the number on the scale. I’m exercising for my health FIRST and vanity reasons second 😛

Well, better go to bed now. I’m still not done with transcribing the interview (which I started on Sunday). I have ZERO motivation to continue even 25 minutes more. I’ll save it for tomorrow. A girl’s gotta rest too you know!

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