Running, running as fast as we can

I think it’s about time I started weight training.

Actually, it was the fitness instructor at my office gym who suggested that I start. He said that I have a noticeable hunchback and said that weight training can help strengthen my bones. Since I’m hunching, I should start with my back.

He didn’t have to point it out to me. I’ve known I have a tendency to hunch since secondary school. Then a friend in college expressed how annoyed she felt to see me walking around with a hunch back. But it’s an old habit cultivated since small. Old habits die hard, don’t they?

So on Monday, I’m going to spare another 30 minutes for weight training on top of my running regime. I’m happy to report that on Thursday, I went one level (speed) higher. I ran at Level 9! Who would have thought that just 5 months ago, I was very impressed with a colleague who ran at Level 8. Now I’m running faster than her!

I really recommend running to anyone. I used to HATE running but now I love it! I read that running is a great way to lose or maintain weight. It’s partly because I’m working my legs muscles which is a large muscle group. You can shed pounds (through burning fat) when you build muscle.

Now that I’ve discovered running, I’m no longer satisfied with jogging. It’s either walking or running for me – no in between.

For those interested, this is my circuit training formula: I start off by warming up (by walking) at Level 5. Then I jog at Level 7; slowly increasing my speed at Level 8 and finally at 9. I listen to my body as I’m running taking care not to over exert myself to the point of getting side stiches or cramping any muscle. So when I feel myself getting out of breath, I go back to walking at 5 and repeat the entire process. The challenge for me is NOT to take too long a break to catch my breath. I mean, I don’t want to end up walking more than running. To reap major rewards, I should make sure I run more than I walk.

Motivation to keep running is not difficult for me. I just listen to music to keep me moving. I love listening to rock songs or techno when I’m working out. So Aly_&_ AJ and Kelly_Clarkson have been my constant companion on the treadmill. BTW, I run at my fastest speed (9) whenever I reach a chorus. Each song normally repeat the chorus a minimum of 2 times. But Kelly Clarkson’s Breakaway and Since You’ve Been Gone are quite challenging for me because the chorus is repeated don’t know how many times. So sometimes I cheat and walk it out during one final chorus 😛 Well, I’m only human *hehehe*

Anywho, I’m really serious about the weight training. It’s not just my back that I want to target. I’d like to firm up my arms too. We’ll see how that goes.

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