Fight fair

When I was small, I avoided getting into fights like the plague. I still do actually. Confrontations make me so uncomfortable. But I have come to realise that they’re a necessary evil.

Granted, nasty words tend to be exchanged during fights. Words that you may not mean. But I still think that verbal banters are healthy. They give people a chance to say what they really want. When you’re mad, you don’t hide behind protocol or political correctness. It’s all raw emotions.

For me confrontations are the time when I get to hear things that I NEED to hear about myself. Arguments may be unpleasant but at least they offer you a chance to learn about yourself and the other person. Thanks to a couple of arguments I have had with my husband recently, we learned so much about each other.

The thing about arguments is that you hear so many unpleasant things about yourself that you are determined to change just to prove the person wrong. And that’s something positive isn’t it?

So, don’t be afraid to fight. Avoid it but don’t run away from it. I promise you that good things will come from that screaming fest 😛


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