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I’m getting old and my organs are cranky

On Monday, I had lunch with my friend/lyricist/compere/multi-talented shah at bgsr viIIage the other day. It was a catching up-cum-power lunch. I left him an sms that morning to see if I could interview him for a regular column in the section which I write for. In that column, we feature people with not-so-common jobs. In his case, he is a part-time lyricist who has worked with some big names in the local music industry.

The last we saw each other was during buka puasa at that korean steambot place. The moment I entered his car, blunt as a (insert a suitable word here) Shah just blurted out: “Sue, you lost so much weight! I guess puasa did wonders to you”.

I guess it did. He’s probably the 10th person who had actually come up to me to say that I have slimmed down. I did lose some weight during puasa but I am certain that I have piled on a few kgs after stuffing myself during Raya.

The funny thing is, I never once felt the urge to step on the scale WHEN I actually noticed the pounds melting off. I suppose it didn’t matter to me what the scale said as long as I liked the body I saw in the mirror.

I made a mental note not to obsess about my weight (i.e not to weigh myself) but I gave in when I was at the gym that afternoon. After my 20-minute walk/jog/run routine on the treadmill (which left my face as red as a lobster), I hopped on the scale and looked at where the needle was pointing at. It read 55kg.

Yay… I guess!

So this is how it feels to be 55kg 🙂 Not so bad I guess. My cheeks are still chubby but the double chin, though still there, is less prominent. My face is less round and my stomach less bloated. I think my boobs have shrunk. They don’t fill my bra cups like they used to but thankfully, they still look fine.

When people ask me if I have been dieting, I say yes and no. Eating less helped with shedding the pounds; running helps too because it raised my heart beat. But believe it or not, I’m watching what I eat and doing the exercises regularly for my health. For real!

I can’t afford to ignore the signs that my body are giving me. I’m definitely getting older and certain organs in my body are starting to get cranky. My gastrointestines for example is like an old man with incontinence *hoho* And exercise, particularly running, helps clear my mind and body of toxins.

Anywho, I wanna go get a shower and come back with more on how I spent Deepavali. Even I’m surprised at how eventful it was. But more of that in the next entry. Later!



Suziemclean is a Piscean who can't swim. She is 40 and married to a wonderful (younger) man who makes her laugh, and finds her corny sense of humour "endearing". She lives with her husband, family and cat in Shah Alam.

One thought on “I’m getting old and my organs are cranky

  1. Hi hi Suzie… so glad you’d lost weight! I’m right there with you at this mo.. ok maybe 30kg more to lose but anyhows i’d learnt to watch wat I eat and also exercise, in other words, living a healtheir lifestyle making healthier choices – the pounds may not come off so fast but still my body shape’s been changing, face too 🙂 It is sooo true that fad diet doesn’t work.. it is when you adopt the healthy living that does it 🙂

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